We don’t have a price, release date, or any concrete information on what it will look like or do, but we now know at least one way to get your hands on a Nintendo NX: be really, really, really good at Splatoon.

The mysterious console is the grand prize of the upcoming Go4Splatoon tournament run by ESL, with support from Nintendo. Prizes along the way include signed merch from the game, but the NX is clearly what it’s all about. Then again, with the tournament set to run for six months, starting this weekend, the NX could very well be out in the wild before the winners ever get their hands on it.

The downside, depending on where you’re coming from, is that you’ve got to be in Europe to take part. That would be good news for me, if I wasn’t terrible at Splatoon anyway, but is probably bad news if you’re all American ‘n’ stuff.

The first weekly cup takes place this Sunday, and the winners get Splatoon clothing signed by the developers. The winners each week get ranking points, and the teams with the most ranking points make it to the monthly final. The winning team from each monthly final gets a place in the grand final in 2017 and a shot at winning an NX.

You can sign up for Go4Splatoon here if you think you’re Inkling enough, and if not you should just use it as an excuse to go back and play one of 2015’s best games.

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