Awkwardly, the first thing in months to come out of Hello Games, the developers of controversial survival-space-exploration game No Man’s Sky is this tweet which was posted earlier today:


It went down ten minutes later and the account was set to ‘protected’, but that didn’t stop a million billion people from taking screenshots and getting all worked up on the internet (yes, I’m aware we are contributing to the clusterfuck). Emails were apparently then sent out from Hello Games accounts to the press, including one printed by Polygon stating:

“No Man’s Sky was a mistake.

I have contacted you because the silence from Hello Games has been unwarranted and unprofessional. The community has asked me to speak up, and I have a confession to make. The game was simply unfinished upon arrival. Our hand was forced by not only Sony, but the community as well. The constant harassment and absolute gross misconduct on the community’s part has made it hard to fulfill our artistic vision, while the pressure from Sony to release the game as soon as possible forced us to cut key features. I want to apologize for what we did not deliver on, as the game does not meet up to what our artistic vision was.

However, we do wish that the community was more understanding of our situation. Many people have asked for refunds despite our promise to continually improve and update No Man’s Sky. We are just a small studio that has poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this project. The complete lack of respect when it comes to the work we have done absolutely saddens not only myself, but the team as well. We want to improve the game to the point we dreamed of it being and beyond.

I hope everyone affected understands,

Sean Murray”

Fishy at best, since the email’s improper usage of grammar doesn’t really jive with the eloquence Sean Murray usually communicates with. As the press started sniffing around, both Sean Murray and Hello Games tweeted about the developer’s server being hacked. Complicating things even further, the hacking accusations were then refuted by a series of emails sent to press that blamed the tweets alternately on “a disgruntled employee” and on Sean Murray himself.

The real Sean Murray then attempted to put the entire thing to rest by dialoguing publicly with his own company:

So um, nothing to see here folks. Just a brave new world in which this kind of stuff happens, and one hell of a shitshow for Hello Games. This new wave of attention might force them to make a statement soon about their progress on No Man’s Sky, which they have promised to polish and change for the better. Or not.

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