On November 10th, we will be living in a world where 100% evil motherfucker Donald Trump Kyros is overlord. Yes, the 8th is the official US Election day, and the 9th is probably results day, but the 10th is the date Obsidian Entertainment will release Tyranny, a PC RPG that looks similarly designed to their brilliant Pillars of Eternity. Jokes aside, the game’s premise is that the war between good and evil is over, and evil won.

“Players interact with the populace to inspire loyalty, disgust, or fear as they roam the world as an officer in Kyros’ forces, empowered to act as both judge and executioner. A nonlinear story offers players the chance to roam and alter the world as they see fit, and provides a highly replayable experience.”

Personally, I’m very much looking forward to it. Tyranny will be published by Paradox Interactive and available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Steam OS. You can already pre-order here. What follows is the Release Date Reveal Trailer: