If you don’t already know, there’s been a huge amount of discussion around what might be the most hyped game of 2016: Hello Games’ upcoming PS4 (and PC) title No Man’s Sky. Disc copies got into the hands of the less scrupulous of us (this includes reporters from Kotaku and Polygon) and people have started streaming, reviewing, and commenting on the game before the embargo date (which is pretty much the day of the game’s release). Many people have opinions about the situation, of course, and many of them are shooting their mouths off online. Nothing new.

Rising above the cacophony of imbecility that the WWW has become, however, is Rami Ismail, developer of Nuclear Throne, who has penned an incredibly intelligent, well-laid out explanation of day-1 patches, how console certification works for developers, and why No Man’s Sky is currently claiming the early copies don’t represent the game as it was intended to be played. We are posting this article in a feeble attempt to empower his entirely informed perspective on the matter, knowing full well that nobody will read what he has to say but instead maintain their strong opinions without any facts to back them up. Carry on, brave Internet, carry on.