The internet is aflame with reports of a person calling himself NimbleRichMan on reddit, bragging about being a “near billionaire” while bankrolling a group called Nimble America to “shitpost” memes on behalf of the alt-right and Donald Trump. Who might this perfect nugget of turdly magnificence at the center of the Trump sandwich be, you ask? None other than Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus (yes, the virtual-reality-headset-sold-to-Facebook-for-2-billion-dollars Oculus).

The Daily Beast broke the news in a pretty revelatory article linking Luckey to the seriously douchey Reddit group. In Nimble America’s own words: “We’ve proven that shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real. So many of you have asked us, how we can bring this to real life. We wanted to do it in a way that was transparent and had purpose. Not just sell t-shirts to sell them, but to sell t-shirts to shitpost. We’ve worked with lawyers and [Republican National Committee] consultants to advise us on how to establish the proper entities to do this right, and we’ll be transparent with all financial activity from Reddit.”

Now before you say we’re being mean by calling Monsignore Manbaby Palmerito Luckini a little rich turd, keep in mind that his buddies at Nimble America write hard-hitting news tidbits with titles like “Is rape the price to pay for migrant women chasing the American Dream?” Because they are super concerned with the well-being of migrant women.

Plus, since turds of a feather seem to flock together, it turns out Palmer Luckey is buddy-buddy with a certain Milo Yiannopolous, mostly known for his misogynist online harassment campaigns  (the infamous gamergate among them) and his creation of a fund to (not even kidding) send young white men to college which (again, not kidding) diverted all the money into the guy’s personal account.

Posts, Reddit accounts, and webpages are disappearing left and right as people actively attempt to clean up Palmer’s messy turd residue. In the meantime, make sure you turn off said internet for a few hours today and kiss someone you love, because I feel very lost and lonely and cold in a world where the Milos, Palmers and Donalds get to be rich and powerful while black people get shot in the street.

Also this is a videogame website and we promise to go back to that ASAP, as soon as I’m done being angry in bed with the lights off as I write this article.