I’m a slow gamer. Partly thanks to work, partly thanks to trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, and partly thanks to maintaining cinema and TV obsessions too, I’m consistently a few months and/or years behind the curve on new releases. I still haven’t gotten round to picking up Fallout 3 yet, while the rest of you are 100 hours deep into 4.

That’s why I’m a little bit in love with EA’s just-announced Origin Access. Those of you with an Xbox One have basically had this for ages in the form of EA Access, but for me this is a big deal. £3.99 a month (or $4.99 in that Monopoly money you use in the U.S.) gets me unlimited access to a collection of games ominously titled ‘The Vault’. If I’d played it, you can bet I’d make a great Fallout reference right now. Come back in a few months and I’ll set that up.

The Vault (you’ve gotta say it in a deep, booming, movie trailer voice or it doesn’t work) is a collection of mostly EA games that Access users can just play without actually buying. There’s the whole Dragon Age franchise, all of Dead Space, Sim City, Battlefields 3, 4 & Hardline! And, uh, FIFA 15, but I really don’t give a shit about that.

Unravel - Origin Access

Origin Access would also let you play Unravel ahead of its release. I’ll probably get to it around 2027.

For some of you, the chance to play a PC game from 2008 for $5 a month may not sound like a great value proposition, but for me, this might just be the cheapest way to clear a small, EA-centric niche in my backlog, burning through the games I missed at a fraction of the price of going and buying them all. Hell, if I just stop working (or sleeping?) for a month, I could clear them all in one go for $5 – that’d almost offset my plummeting income!

Throw in the early access game trials and a 10% discount across the Origin store, and it’s a pretty hard deal to say no to – assuming you’re like me and still working through last decade’s releases.

Now, if you don’t mind me, I’ve got to get back to Assassin’s Creed. The first one.