Color us cautiously intrigued when it comes to the announcement trailer for new narrative surveillance thriller Orwell.

In case the on-the-nose name didn’t give it away, this one’s all about totalitarian government surveillance, the catch being that as the player you’ll be the one doing the surveilling — though as any good dystopia fan knows, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be exempt from it.

From the looks of the announcement trailer, you’ll be tasked with sorting through both the private and public information of suspects to decide who’s guilty of crimes against ‘The Nation’ and who isn’t, with the help of the titular security software.

It’s a fun (read: depressingly, plausibly terrifying) idea, but this tease suggests 3-man development team Osmotic Studios might be taking a slightly heavy-handed approach to the material. We’ll find out more when the game launches on Steam later this year — unless they’ve made me ‘disappear’ by then.

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