Jump right into the mix:


What’s Outercast?

Outercast is on hiatus right now because we’re all super busy with life and other boring stuff like that, but until we get back to podding you can catch us streaming on Twitch.

It’s a weekly podcast  about videogames, entertainment, technology, and whatever else comes up. We sometimes talk about politics and use terrible swear words. We also like to get thinky and feely and even veer into the outright personal. One day a corporation will buy Outermode and make us stop, but until then we’re gonna let our freak flag fly.

Who hosts it?

When is it released?

It’s usually recorded on Sunday and released by Monday.

How long is it?

An hour at least. Sometimes more.

Is there an episode you recommend as a starting point?

This one’s pretty funny.

Can I send in a question, recommendation, correction, or criticism?

Sure! Just follow this magic link and remember we’re actual human beings with feelings. Also we reserve the right to read your message on the podcast (omitting your last name for privacy, of course).

I want to follow the hosts on Twitter!

Here ya go: Julian Feeld, Jake Siegel, Dominic Preston.

Wait, what’s a podcast?

Podcasts are like radio shows that get released on the internet. You can then listen to the episodes at your convenience. Most people use an app on their smartphone or tablet to subscribe and get new episodes delivered automatically as they get released. Just visit our website on your phone or tablet and click on the subscribe buttons above. Voila!