New theme music, new name. To celebrate the (re)launch of Outercast, Jake and Julian invite Mathilde Huron to speak about Civilization VI and the differences between playing alone and playing together. The gang also examines the bizarre new video for the freshly-announced Nintendo Switch, what we want from Red Dead Redemption 2, and how patently creepy the near-future sci-fi of Black Mirror is. Meanwhile in real life: AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner (including HBO, CNN, and Warner Brothers) makes shows like Westworld even more bizarre forms of entertainment, Tesla announces a new fleet of vehicles with self-driving capabilities, and many video games awaken a nurturing instinct in these podcast co-hosts. Speaking of hosts, Julian and Mathilde are horribly ill. So there’s also that.



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Julian is a pair of glasses in third transformation. He's on an eternal quest to find the perfect RPG that will solve all his problems.

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