This week @julianfeeld & @snakesiegel are Dominic-less and have Nick Sena on the podcast to speak about his work as a composer on Fox show The Mick as well as the beloved Outercast intro and outro theme. They hit Duck Tales on the NES, the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and Star Wars Battlefield II, chat about Persona 5, ponder Nintendo’s bizarre choice to discontinue the NES Classic, make fun of Jake for going to Coachella, go against the critical grain when it comes to The Lost City of Z, discuss a new player’s love for Mass Effect 2, give themselves a pep talk about Stellaris, and even touch on incredible (and very different) documentaries OJ: Made in America and Planet Earth 2. Oh, and The Navy banned vaping cause it kept blowing up in sailors’ faces. So that’s not good.