Packing peanuts @julianfeeld, @snakesiegel and @dompreston galavant nude through the creepy spaceship of Prey and branch off into a conversation about how your favorite repetitive mundane actions define your favorite game genres. <Palmer Luckey walks by in a bikini. Nobody blinks.> They then proceed to fall into a film and TV hole, touching on American Gods and why it sorta sounds terrible when you explain it, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the new season of the Wachowski sisters’ Sense 8, fantastic war/politics thriller Nobel, the Korean zombie movie sensation Train to Busan… and um… oh yeah, videogames. Playing more Mass Effect: Andromeda, fighting wolves in Expeditions: Viking, misunderstanding Stephen Hawking through potato-space-simulator-clicker Spaceplan, and much more. This is quite a long episode, actually. Enjoy!