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Overheard about Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

What do you expect from a console game? You can’t simply take one of the best games ever made by a creative genius done at the height of originality, pioneering game development (PC Gaming circa end of the 90’s) and use it’s name in order to make a bullshit casual console game for the lowest common denominator of the market (ie. part time gamers / 8 year olds who got a console for christmas) and then cry about “it doesn’t fulfill my every expection” or “my heart is broken whatever will I do?”. You need to start expecting games like DX:HR, a pathetic, embarassing sequel to one of the best games ever made, to be as good as it’s going to get. Ever.

And a bit later in the conversation:

OMG 😀 That “ACTION MAN ROLL” … what the fuck did they do to Deus Ex? Do they think that the gaming public has regressed by ten years and that the original was far too challenging, realistic and pioneering? Given that it is rated as one of the greatest games ever made, I highly DOUBT IT. You poor bastards of this generation… will you ever see a real game again?

And let us finish with a taste of:

If you are trying to tell me that things are as good as they used to be in PC gaming, or even somewhere close, then everything else you said before or say after is totally invalid.

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