Two Overwatch pros were so confident that a 17-year-old girl who kicked their asses must have been cheating that they promised to quit if she turned out to be legit. And, um, they won’t be playing Overwatch any more now.

ELTA and Strobe were both members of Korean pro team Dizziness. They were so incensed by a defeat at the hands of rival team Artisan that they just couldn’t believe its star player, 17-year-old Geguri, had killed them fair and square.

“If this problem is confirmed as a hack, it would have caused a problem to our career and reputation. How will you take responsibility for that?” Strobe said. “If there is a problem with our sponsors and such, I may visit Geguri’s house with a knife in hand. I am not joking.”

The bad news for them (and the good news for the reputation of 17-year-old Korean girls everywhere) is that Blizzard Korea was quickly happy to confirm that Geguri really just is that good. No cheats, no hacks, no aimbots. Just a signed up member of the Korean pro-gaming master race. To placate doubters even further, she even streamed herself playing the game to prove her skills in real-time.

As for ELTA and Strobe? They’ve both publicly apologized and left the pro Overwatch scene for good, while their team has been disbanded.


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