Are you kidding me? I thought Blizzard respected us! For those of you who have not been following the story of one of the best selling video games of 2016, Overwatch Season 1 ended with a now-infamous plot-twist. Quick recap for noobs: the Night’s Watch murdered Genji but he was resuscitated by the Red Priestess Melisandre as a nerfed version of himself. Somebody even made a beautiful rap song about it (‘I miss the old Genji’ to the tune of ‘I miss the old Kanye’). It was a pretty amazing narrative moment for Overwatch, despite the fact that Genji now seems a lot sadder and may never be the man (robot) he once was. Ever since that amazing moment, fans of the game have been waiting for Season 2 with bated breath, fully expecting Blizzard to sustain this level of story-telling wizardry.

Well, prepare to be disappointed, because Blizzard just spoiled the entire Season 2 (of competitive play) by explaining it in intricate detail on their website. It turns out the story is going to be a lot more technical than we expected. The skill rating system has been retooled and will now center around ‘skill tiers’ with their own unique icons. This will tie into ‘grouping restrictions’ designed to “provide a fair play environment”. Game modes are also changing: Sudden Death is no more, and they’re changing the ‘time bank’ system to make it more intelligent. Competitive points, their relationship to golden weapons, and the way the ‘top 500’ works—all of these are getting tweaked. Finally, bad news if you’re what Blizzard is calling a “Leaver” (most people just call you Rage Quitter or just Jerkface, BTW): you might see your XP gain drop dramatically, receive a suspension from competitive play, or even get banned altogether for the entire season. That would be a bummer, because you’d then miss the reveal that Genji was in fact of Valerian blood all along.

But hey, let’s get real. Overwatch is so popular that Blizzard can afford to spoil the entire second season, because most people are betting it will be the best-selling game of 2016 no matter what. I wonder which main character they will murder this season? I’m still reeling from Ned Stark’s untimely demise in Season 1.

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