It’s no secret that I love Grinding Gear Games’ gruesome, fast-paced, and satisfyingly-complex ARPG Path of ExileThat’s why I recently met a bit of their New Zealand development team in a non-descript LA hotel boardroom so they could show me the upcoming expansion for the game: Atlas of Worlds. It drastically revamps the endgame with 30 new maps, 19 new bosses, and a dark story-line. You’ll even be able to shape your favorite maps with modifiers and invite your friends to come check them out with you, just to show them how far you’ve gone down the rabbit hole, and what’s an ARPG Julian, and why don’t you call me anymore, and do you even remember my name?

“It was there, in the void between the worlds, where the seed of creation swirled before my eyes. It was there that I truly awoke,” said some totally creepy guy called the ‘Shaper’ who created the atlas in question. It turns out the guy’s hell-bent on giving birth to a perfect world (full of bad guys who explode into bloody pulps, apparently). Anyways, Path of Exile is still totally free to play, and the good people at Grinding Gear Games have stuck to their amazing ‘ethical’ FTP model (all things purchasable with real money don’t affect competitive play). That’s pretty fucking admirable, fellas!

Cool map with pretty little illustrations.

Cool map with pretty little illustrations.

Oh, and did we mention that they’re going to be coming to China? That’s right, single Chinese Existential Gamer fan who’s made it through the censorship net (we swear and talk about sex a lot), you’ll be getting Path of Exile too! Just don’t expect any blood, guts, sex, gambling, or um… skeletons. That’s right, you can’t show skeletons in China. Will somebody please tell the Chinese government that we’re all just skeletons wearing flesh suits? Thanks.

Anyways, click here to go check out Path of Exile and download it for free. After September 2nd the game should run even more smoothly for players because the team is implementing ‘multi-threading’ to their graphics engine (What, you think I don’t know what multi-threading means? I’m a fucking professional.) Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

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