Hear ye, hear ye! Below you will find grounds for my public hanging: a blueprint for the perfect MMORPG, a Frankenstein of sorts, designed to succeed Ultima Online as the next Life-Ruining Game. In my role as mad scientist and delusional overseer, I have pieced together existing development teams into a Super Group that might do my bidding.

So here it is, Julian’s version of the perfect MMORPG:

  • Art direction, complex skill tree inspiration, and online infrastructure by Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile developers— they would study Ultima Online)
  • General skill trees and items by Obsidian (Pillars of Eternity developers — they would also study Ultima Online)
  • Story-line by Obsidian (their team would collaborate with Cormac McCarthy of The Road, No Country For Old Men, and All The Pretty Horses who would write the overall story—hey, one can dream)
  • Dynamic world building by CD Projekt Red (The Witcher developers)
  • Balancing, difficulty, and combat system consultants: Stygian Software (goddamn is Underrail well executed in this regards) and Iron Tower Studio (Age of Decadence developers—this is never going to happen, mind you, because Vince D. Weller would never help to design a real-time combat system, nor work on an MMO for that matter)
  • ‘Choice and Consequence’ consultants: inXile (Wasteland 2 developers) and Iron Tower Studio
The Perfect MMORPG - The Existential Gamer - Ultima Online

The (now old-fashioned) art that sold me on Ultima Online

Yes yes, I know most of you probably don’t love Ultima Online as much as I do. In fact I’m sure you disagree with my blueprint in a million ways, and that’s great! I want to hear about your Frankenstein.  Please share it in the comments section below.