Original X-COM creator Julian Gollop is taking firm inspiration from his own creation — and its recent remakes — in his next game, Phoenix Point, and now we finally have our first idea of what to expect.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun sat down with Gollop for an in-depth look at the turn-based strategy game. This time instead of facing a threat from the skies, humanity will face one from below: it’s 2046, and the melting permafrost has released a dormant alien super-virus that mutates sealife, and later animals, into horrifying gun-toting monsters. I’m now finally beginning to understand why my old flatmate had a phobia of crabs.

Phoenix Point looks to have a lot in common with Firaxis’ recent XCOM games, but Gollop isn’t just re-treading old ground. He’s also adding in (deep breath) procedurally generated enemy waves that adapt to your tactics, mist that serves as both cover and fog of war, targeting specific body parts, building-sized enemies, diplomacy with other human factions, and tactical cards with buff effects. Given that the game’s not out until 2018, he’ll probably add some more in by then too.

Anyway, the point is, this is so exciting that I literally went and bought a Steam collection of the original X-COM games midway through writing this up because I just can’t wait until 2018.

Phoenix Point

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