I don’t own a PS4. Never have. No Xbox One either, or either of their older generations. A combination of stinginess, poverty, and deep-seated, irrational Nintendo loyalty has left me doing all my gaming either with the big N or on PC, supplemented by the occasional, usually disappointing, foray into the smartphone sphere.

So please, for the love of God, will someone finally persuade me to actually buy a PS4 now?

I haven’t really avoided Sony and Microsoft’s output on purpose. Sure, a few generations back I wouldn’t have touched them with a bargepole. I was knee-deep in the trenches of the Console Wars, and in those days you picked a console for life, not just for Christmas. I probably ended friendships over fools claiming Crash Bandicoot held a candle to Super Mario 64 or that Halo was a bigger draw than Zelda.

“It would have to wait. Just until the next price drop”

But I’ve matured. I almost bought an Xbox 360. I really did. I had my PC, and my Wii for the occasional first-party classic from Nintendo, but I yearned for the simplicity of mainstream console gaming, for all those AAA games I just never got to play. But I was poor, and games are expensive, and I was always waiting for the next price drop until all of a sudden the generation was over and the Xbox One and PS4 were here.

PS4 Slim

God, it’s a bit pretty, isn’t it?

And so it started again. Pretty quickly I identified that the PS4 was the console to buy, boasting exclusives I cared about (read: not Gears of War), better performance, and not burdened by Microsoft’s early Kinect-related stumbles. But I’d bought a Wii U, and upgraded my graphics card, and it would have to wait. Just until the next price drop.

So I waited. Every now and then I’d load up Amazon, browse the bundles, eye up my credit card, and hover over ‘Add to Cart’… but I’d always somehow talk myself down. Boring things like ‘You already have a backlog of games’ and ‘You really don’t need any more crippling credit card debt’ somehow trumped ‘But, but, videogames!’

Whenever friends asked, I’d promise that a PS4 was definitely in my future. Sometime soon. For sure. 100%. But something about the promises rang familiarly hollow. I’d made them before about the Xbox 360 once upon a time, and they didn’t count for much then. I just spent five years wishing for one, before unceremoniously transferring that desire to Sony’s latest. I wanted this time to be different.

Oh yeah, let's zoom in on that bevelling. Lovely.

Oh yeah, let’s zoom in on that bevelling. Lovely.

“I could order it right now and be playing Destiny by next weekend”

So when the PS4 Slim was so comprehensively leaked a couple weeks ago, I made up my mind. I was going to have one. Nevermind the Pro — I don’t need a glossy Big Mac in my living room, and besides, the idea of me affording a 4K TV any time before the heat death of the solar system is genuinely laughable.

But the PS4 Slim (or just ‘PS4’ as we’re clearly expected to call it) is a different story. It’s smaller, and lighter, allowing me to continue to indulge my fantasies about living abroad and taking it with me. It’s sleek and attractive in a way that the chunky, pointy original never could be. And best of all, it’s cheaper only slightly more expensive than the old model (thanks again, Brexit!).

PS4 Slim

Isn’t she gorgeous?

And it’s finally here — or at least it will be next week. Amazon has opened pre-orders. It’s £259.99. I could order it right now and be playing Destiny by next weekend. I even rushed online to do exactly that. And yet I can’t quite do it. I can’t click the button. I’ve got the money (even if I could think of about a hundred other, ‘more sensible’ things to do with it). I want to join this generation, but I think somehow I’ve defined myself so much as a PC and Nintendo gamer, for so long, that I don’t know how to be anything else.

“You picked a console for life, not just for Christmas”

I thought I’d moved on, grown up. But now I worry that I’m still there in the trenches, that I’ve been fighting the same Console War all this time. But there’s no one on the other side any more, it’s just me, alone in No Man’s Sky Land, knee-deep in mud and wondering why it’s been so quiet for so long.

So please, help me out. Snap me out of it. Tell me to just go ahead and buy a bloody PS4 already, if only so I can stop going on about it. Then again, I suppose the NX is only a few months away. Maybe I should be saving up for that…

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