Fine, more Pokémon Go news, because it’s now so ubiquitous that it’s even entered the presidential race, and yes, it was exactly as awful and cringeworthy as you’d expect. First, news came that this weekend there’s an official Hillary Clinton campaign event in Ohio that invites voters to “Join us as we go to the Pokestop in Madison Park and put up a lure module, get free pokemon, & battle each other while you register voters and learn more about Sec. Hillary Clinton!!!”

Just in case you were still on the fence about whether Hillary is down with the kids etc. etc., she also dropped a truly, cataclysmically bad reference to the game in a campaign speech:


By this point, Trump was rapidly losing ground. “I don’t, but people are playing it. No question about it,” he said when asked about the game. “I do not. I wish I had time.” He quickly made up for that by sharing a video parody of the game called Crookéd Hillary No because oh god this is actually the level politics operates on in 2016.


Trump and Clinton aren’t even the first politicians to try and use the game to impress voters. Two San Francisco state senate candidates have challenged each other in the game except you can’t even battle other trainers yet, and god, do you even Pokémon Go or what?


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