In 2015 the Brazilian soccer player Wendell Lira scored a magnificent goal that earned him the FIFA Puskas Award, which sounds like a cat food but is probably not. Six months later he made a statement to the Brazilian press that sent shockwaves across the world of people who like to kick balls: “My dream is to become FIFA World Champion”. By this, of course, he means the incredibly popular soccer videogame by EA Sports.

Apparently Wendell Lira isn’t just a very handsome man with ultra-talented legs, he also has the thumbs and trigger fingers to match. As such, and due to some injuries he recently sustained, he’s decided to retire from professional soccer to become a full-time FIFA player and start his own YouTube channel. What I find so amazing about this story is that it clearly foretells a time when we will all be capable of becoming our digital selves. I look forward to professionally playing a videogame in which I write witty articles nobody reads until the end. I’m going to be the World Champion of Sort Of Entertaining Your Incredibly Short Attention Span. That’s the dream, anyways.

Good luck, Wendell, and godspeed.

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