The good people over at GOP Arcade have made a series of incredibly sarcastic political games ranging from the recent Thoughts & Prayers (react to mass shootings by either thinking or praying about it instead of passing gun laws) to the not-so-recent Science Fighter in which you kill scientists and collect campaign contributions. One game in particular caught my eye though: yes, I’m talking about Trump Toss, in which you literally throw horrifically stereotypical Mexican characters (sombrero, mustache, the usual) over a giant wall that you’ve presumably had someone else build (everyone knows Trump can’t build with his tiny hands).


As you can see, the more ‘mexicans’ you get over the wall, the more ‘great’ you make America. Careful not to get rid of soldiers or Real Americans™ by mistake, though! It’s satire in its purest form. My favorite part is the inevitable result of your idiotic task:


I can’t wait to hear all the furious comments by the silent majority living in the shadows of this great nations: fans of both pixel art and Donald Trump. Because I know the internet too well to ever be surprised, I’m sure you’re out there. Come at me, bros!

Now if I could shake that feeling of impending dread for a minute… nope, looks like its here to stay, just like that crusty orange baked potato who might be the next president.