I’ve been a champion of the new Rainbow 6 game since it came out. It falls somewhere between Counter-Strike and Payday, and when I get on the headset and start spewing mostly inaccurate military jargon I feel like a real man. Xbox One owners can play the game for free from now until the 31st; the PERFECT time to finally get my friends to jump in and see what they’re missing, with zero financial risks.

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The only problem is, I’ve convinced my Xbone crew to purchase one too many titles now. See, every time they’ve jumped on board I’ve grown tired of said game within mere hours and abandoned them to their new addiction—moving on to the next “greatest game ever.” It’s a classic “Boy who cried game” story, and it looks as if I’ve finally lost all credibility. My pleas for them to join me in playing Rainbow Six: Siege were met with a chorus of boos and general insults. They just don’t seem to care about the rush you get timing a perfectly executed window entry, or the satisfying thuds of two well-placed double taps. They don’t care about the careful coordination, the 60fps PVP, the load-outs, the giddy celebration of tactical violence; they only want to see me languish in my own self-imposed misery. And play Overwatch. Those basic bitches. I guess I can’t blame them. Still a little salty about it. Whatever.


But that doesn’t mean that you can’t hop in with your “friends” (Or me!  Maybe me!) and have some fun with R6 over the weekend. In my opinion it’s a breath of fresh air in comparison to other competitive shooters on console. The PVP is a 6 v 6 game mode where each player has to select a different class of operator, complete with a unique set of abilities specific to it. Actually… when I put it that way, it sounds a lot like Overwatch. Except in Overwatch, you can’t blow a hole through the floor with C4 or rappel into a room upside down to wreak havoc on the opposing team. But that’s cool, guys; have it your way.

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