The games industry has often looked to TV and film for its inspiration, but one ubiquitous TV trend that gaming never picked up on is the sitcom.

Until now.

Let me introduce you to The Senpai, a visual novel set in the world of none-more-’90s sitcom Seinfeld.

Over the course of the episode you control Jerry Seinfeld through a series of conversations, selecting from exciting prompts like ‘Riff on milk’ or ‘Deride George’.

The aesthetic is as gloriously early ’90s as the jokes, enough so that if the over-arcing plot about George having problems with his Senpai wasn’t so damn strange, you could believe this was really unearthed from 25 years ago.

It’s all the work of indie devs PNTGRM, it’s totally free, and it’s a bit brilliant. Check it out.

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