12-year-old me remembers how good Sonic the Hedgehog used to be — I would spend the weekend at my friend’s place (I had a Super Nintendo) playing the first two releases on his Genesis non-stop, loving the music, the color, the speed. Well somebody please ring up 1995 Julian because in Spring 2017 we’ll be getting Sonic Mania, a brand new chapter in the original 2d, hyper-colorful style. It looks like everything you wanted Mighty Number 9 to be if you were a Mega Man fan (I’m so, so sorry). Will you have to dig out your old Genesis? Nope. Sega’s hardware failures will be working to your advantage as the game releases across PS4, Xbox One, and PC! Only Nintendo owners won’t be getting a taste of Sonic Mania, which makes the whole thing all the more reminiscent of the pre-Sony, pre-Microsoft Console Wars era. Feast thine eyes on the brand new trailer (revealed at Comic Con) below: