We all knew that it was coming, but now we know know. Or maybe we know that we know? Either way, the PlayStation 4K/Neo/Super-Fancy is actually happening, it’s on the way, and it won’t be at E3 next week.

Wait, what? Yeah, PlayStation head honcho Andrew House said that while the upgraded model is in the works, they won’t be showing it off in L.A. next week, presumably to keep the focus on upcoming games and make sure that people keeping buying regular PS4s for a little while longer.

House also wouldn’t confirm a release date, pricing, or any of the specs that have been floating about online, so he’s essentially said as little as he possibly can. Still, here’s what we do know: it is real; it will cost more than the regular PS4; it will be 4K-compatible; it will “complement,” not replace, the existing PS4; all future PS4 games will support the standard model, most will take advantage of the higher-model’s specs. That’s it for now, and likely for a while longer, unless this is all a big feint and they’re going to show it all off at their press conference on Monday.