This is probably a tough time in the history of the world to have the first name ‘Jihad’, but apparently it’s even worse if you want to play PlayStation online.

Jihad Al-Mofadda has had a PSN account for seven years with the username ‘iJihad’ with no issue, until Overwatch came out. Three days into playing the game he was told his account had been perma-banned (courtesy of an email helpfully explaining that the reason for the ban was ‘[BAN REASON]’). After he understandably kicked up a bit of a fuss, Sony offered to let him change his ID to something that wasn’t “inappropriate” — an offer that a separate customer service rep retracted just a few days later.

Good job, Sony.

After Jihad continued to raise all manner of hell (even sending Sony a photo of his passport to prove ‘Jihad’ is his real name) they finally relented, once again offering him an ID change. He accepted, but admitted even that “has its costs,” with his trophies no longer syncing and his entire friend list gone. That may sound rubbish, but considering a few days ago Sony were willing to deny him access to all of the games he’d purchased through the system just for the crime of using his own name, it’s probably about as close to a victory as he’s going to get at this point.

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