The American suburbs are, as anyone who’s seen The Stepford Wives can attest, intrinsically terrifying. Their picket fences, argyll sweaters, and plastic smiles are persistently unsettling, which makes it kind of weird that more games haven’t taken the chance to play around with their imagery.

Step in Hello Neighbor, from developer Dynamic Pixels. You’re tasked with investigating your ominously mustachioed neighbor, breaking into his house to uncover the secrets lurking in his basement. He’s tasked with, well, stopping you. Permanently.

The game’s debut trailer seems innocent enough until it’s suddenly oh-my-god terrifying, but most promising of all is the promise of the neighbor A.I. He’ll reportedly learn from your tactics, setting traps and blocking your escape routes, getting better at catching you the more you play. It sounds like it’s taking Alien: Isolation to the next level, but just a bit more middle class about it all.

Hello Neighbor is coming to Steam next summer, but you can sign up to the alpha if you want to get your hands on it sooner.

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