Good news everybody! A new study has brought to an end years of uncertainty and doubt by finally revealing that people respond pretty differently to female streamers on Twitch when compared to male streamers.

Researchers analyzed 400 Twitch channels and over 70 million chat messages, and somehow at the end of it came to the conclusion that “the conversation in Twitch is strongly gendered.”

Some of the most common words in comments on female channels were “boobs,” “hot,” “omg,” “smile,” and “babe.” By contrast, men got the likes of “melee,” “shields,” “glitch,” and “reset.” But then maybe some of those guys had really big pairs of shields and their followers just wanted to compliment them?

“There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence about gendered conversations on Twitch, and even if you just go on Twitch it’s very stark,” Giovanni Ciampaglia, one of the study’s authors, told VICE Motherboard. “You could say it has a bad rap.”

It’s worth pointing out that the data was collected over two months in 2014, and Twitch may have changed some in the meantime. But still, given the rise of GamerGate since then, maybe not so much.

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