My colleague Dominic calls himself a Nintendo fan, but I think he’s lying to us. Who watches today’s Nintendo 3DS Direct livestream and spends all his time talking about Pikmin, forgetting to mention the arrival of Super Mario Maker for the 3DS on December 2nd? A total faker, that’s who. But Dominic isn’t the only one trying to rain on the game’s parade. Apparently Nintendo itself didn’t get the memo: one of the best parts of the Wii U version is the online sharing feature that allows us to play levels designed by geniuses in other continents. Well that won’t be available for the portable version, which will do the next best thing: allow us to share our creations through their proximity-based ‘Streetpass’ feature. Incidentally, Streetpass is being upgraded by Nintendo to list 100 local players’ Miis in the Plaza app. That’s 10 times more than was previously possible. So I guess this post is a message to my neighbors who own a Nintendo 3DS: get cracking! I expect you all to be world-class level builders in Super Mario Maker for the 3DS by the time its released, okay? All I want to do it sit on the toilet and play your wonderful creations while I may or may not poop. Thanks!

If you want to check out Nintendo’s entire stream (or just check if Reggie is still a beautiful, beautiful man) they’ve archived it here: