Nintendo hardware purists, look away now. If you thought it was wrong seeing Pokémon Go pop up on your smartphone, you might find the next Mario game tougher still.

In a move presumably designed to distract a little from a certain gaming rival’s long-planned product launch, Nintendo popped up at yesterday’s Apple event to make an unexpected announcement: Super Mario Run is on the way to iOS (and eventually Android, but understandably they didn’t say that bit from Apple’s stage).

The game itself is basically a simple runner: Mario runs. If you touch the screen, he jumps. That’s about it, but it’s a pretty neat way to simplify the core franchise gameplay down to the small screen. For some reason they kept emphasizing that for the first time, now you can play Mario with just one hand, which… maybe don’t keep saying that, Nintendo? I don’t think it means what you think it means.

A free download will give you access to “a portion” of the game, after which you’ll pay a single fee to get the rest of the game. No word yet on what that’ll be.

Super Mario Run wasn’t the only Nintendo news yesterday though. They also boasted a bit about Pokémon Go‘s download figures (all the downloads, in case you were wondering), and revealed that, inevitably, it’s on its way to Apple Watch too. And the long-delayed Pokémon Go Plus watch accessory thing will be out next Friday for everyone who seriously thinks they can pull off wearing a toy Pokéball wristwatch in public.

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