If you were still in any way in doubt that ‘geek culture’ had become mainstream, get this: Terry Crews has declared himself to be a member of the PC Master Race.

The former pro-football player and current actor, best known for the likes of The Expendables and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, apparently got into gaming when he took part in a Battlefield 1 event at E3 this year, playing with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx. Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

Anyway, it made him realize that there might be something to this whole gaming lark, which is apparently one of his son’s big hobbies. “I’m trying to learn everything that he likes so that we can be closer,” Crews said on Facebook, as he revealed that he’s set about building his own custom gaming rig, because he’s Terry Crews and he’s not gonna do this by halves.

He went back to Facebook a few times this week to livestream the building process, asking for advice and help when he hit up against some of the many, many problems any PC builder will be familiar with. I mean, my approach was to sit on my bedroom floor surrounded by expensive components, weeping alone and asking the universe why it had forsaken me, but Facebook hadn’t added livestreaming back then.

So yeah. Terry Crew, PC gamer. The world is weird.

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