Right, can we all agree that none of us have any idea what a ‘console generation’ is any more? Not only have Nintendo been out of step with Microsoft and Sony for the last few years, but now it looks like both the latter companies have consoles on the way that are sort of next-gen, sort of this-gen, and they would really just like you to hand them your money and stop asking all these difficult questions.

Following last month’s rumors of the PS4 ‘Neo’, set to be at least twice as powerful as the existing console, Microsoft has upped the totally rad codename game with the Xbox One ‘Scorpio’, which will supposedly be more than four times as powerful as the default Xbox One and offer Oculus Rift support. That won’t be out until late 2017, but sometime this year there’ll be a new model with a 2TB hard drive that will be “the smallest Xbox ever made.”

This is obviously rubbish for everyone who thought they had a few more years before their consoles became obsolete, but great news for those of us holding out for the inevitable plummeting price drops on the older models.

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