Streaming service Twitch has officially launched a ‘Social Eating’ channel because all you weirdos apparently just want to watch people eat for some reason.

Despite the fact that absolutely no one likes being watched while they eat, streamed eating — a.k.a. ‘muk-bang’ — is a bit of a phenomenon in South Korea, and now Twitch wants to get in on the action over in the West.

After perusing the Social Eating channel for a few minutes, I’ve watched a tiny Japanese girl eat a comically large burger, an Australian devour some sushi, and a German work through a big bowl of fruit salad. Riveting stuff.

I don’t get this at all, but clearly other people do. So if you’re big on watching people eat, then congrats! This is no doubt a happy day. You can even use sites like Treat Stream to send streamers the food of your choice, so get on that, I guess. I’ll just be over here, eating my lunch and covering up my webcam.

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