Ah, the humble soda machine. Static, colorful, rarely interactable. Truly the unsung heroes of the modern videogame.

Or at least that’s what Twitterer and amateur game dev Decaffeinated Jedi thinks, as he’s set out on a noble quest to collect and categorize gaming’s finest virtual soda dispensaries.

The Video Game Soda Machine Project is already up to over a hundred entries so far after just a few days, ranging from retro efforts like Maniac Mansion to more recent efforts like the above shot from Batman: Arkham Knight.

Perhaps best of all are the consistent appearances of Grog machines across the Monkey Island games.

You can follow his ongoing soda efforts on Twitter @decafjedi, or check out a couple of his own free games, Late Last Night and Stair Questto find out what the hell kind of games a videogame soda enthusiast would make.

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