Boom. Bill Gates has skin in the game. The race for VR gold is on, and Microsoft is squatting in the creeks like everybody else, panning for precious metal like the desperately wealthy, incredibly powerful corporation that they are. Indeed Ars Technica broke the story today: “a well-known European studio is planning ‘a new VR game’ set in the universe of an established, long-running franchise.” Is it just me, or does that reek of Ubisoft? Just speculating! (Get it, another gold reference). On a lighter note, does anyone else read ‘Ars Technica’ as ‘Arse Technica’ (a technical butt?). Nope, just you Julian. Cool cool.

For real though, this fits with the reports of Microsoft’s four-times-more-powerful XBOX One, codename Scorpio, which is rumored to be compatible with the Oculus Rift. This is a major powerplay in the VR landscape, as it gives real credence to the appearance of a ‘killer app’ for Oculus / XBOX as early as 2017. Speaking as somebody who thought this generation’s console wars were over (PS4 had won, in my mind) I’m now realizing… (ominous pause)… they’ve just begun. (Sound of thunder).

All of this is very exciting of course. The ball is definitely in Sony’s court now, as the (rumored) upcoming Playstation Neo is now looking severely underpowered in comparison to the XBOX Scorpio. Will Sony pivot and try to one-up Microsoft? And what about the Nintendo NX? Get out your fucking popcorn, because 2016-2017 is going to be a shitshow!