Well, that was quick. After just a few days the crowdfunding campaign for Wasteland 3 has blasted past its $2.75 million target, and is well on its way to its first stretch goal.

Creator Brian Fargo and studio inXile officially announced the game in September, months after Fargo teased his plans for it in an interview with Existential Gamer. This time around the action has moved from the desert to the cold winter of Colorado, and boasts some amazing visual updates as well as new asynchronous co-op multiplayer. The crowdfunding campaign launched last week on Fig, which offers both reward-based crowdfunding and equity-based investment.

Now, just days later, the campaign is already sitting at 103% with more than 14,000 backers. If it hits $2.85 million the devs will add extra flair and customization options, $3 million brings a talking car companion (!), and $3.1 million introduces customizable insignia for your team of Rangers.

You can see a couple of minutes of gameplay in action in a video from the campaign. The game will hit every major platform when it comes out.