Months after basically confirming it in an interview with us, Brian Fargo and studio inXile Entertainment have officially announced Wasteland 3.

Not only that, they’ve confirmed that when the game finally arrives on PC and consoles it will come with a major new feature: multiplayer. And not just any old multiplayer, either — this is weird multiplayer.

You and another friend will be able to play the game synchronously or asynchronously. That means that while they’re off wasting their time doing things other than playing Wasteland 3, you can get busy completing missions that will then directly impact them whenever they next pick it up. Brian Fargo has basically just invented an incredibly elaborate, graphically detailed system for totally fucking with your friends’ shit.


inXile is sticking with crowdfunding once again, but this time has moved from Kickstarter to Fig (which Fargo is on the advisory board of). The key difference is that it offers both reward-based crowdfunding and equity-based investment, though you’ll have to cough up a minimum of $1,000 to get in on the equity gravy train.

The Fig campaign will launch on October 5th, with a goal of raising $2.75 million. The rest of the game’s $7 million budget will come from Wasteland 2 profits and hopefully a publishing partner.