Think you’re a real gamer with your contoured controllers and finely calibrated keyboards? Pffft. You need to step up your game and prove your mettle with a real challenge: voice commands.

That’s exactly what hero YouTuber Slimecicle did this week, heading boldly into the Battlefield 1 with nothing but a microphone and a stern commitment to doing something really stupid.

In case you couldn’t guess, the subtle nuances of Battlefield 1 get slightly lost amidst a sea of ‘Forwards’, ‘Stops’, ‘Fires’, and  ‘Oh, fucks’. Though Slimecicle does at least pull off a pretty sweet tank jump along the way.

I’ll be honest, this is probably not going to convince you to trade in your controller any time soon, but it’s still probably a better use of Kinect than anything Microsoft ever came up with.

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