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Tiny AI-Powered Smart Camera Mobile Robot – Moorebot Scout

The Moorebot Scout is a novelty robot camera that offers a unique and entertaining way to monitor indoor security. This video robot is equipped with features such as two-way audio, night vision, and a motion sensor to ensure no blind spots are left unchecked. Users can control the omnidirectional four-wheel drive of the Scout from their smartphone and even track and play with their pets. Additionally, this home security robot supports voice control with Alexa, Google Home, and SiRi, making it easy to stream video onto your Echo Show and receive cloud alerts to your phone when the sensor is triggered.

What makes the Scout even more impressive is its ability to unleash creativity with entry-level graphical Scratch Programming. The Scout is a professional robotics platform with open-source ROS, allowing users to create extension tools and convert to the “track” version for better navigation. Furthermore, the Scout’s WiFi direct mode doesn’t require internet, making it safe for kids and addressing other privacy concerns. As an IoT device, privacy is ensured with a highly secured peer-to-peer protocol. Users have full control over where the Scout goes, making it a customizable and secure option for indoor security.

Overall, the Moorebot Scout is a fantastic choice for those looking for a portable, entertaining, and customizable indoor security option. While it requires updating firmware and good WiFi coverage, its unique features such as Scratch Programming, open-source ROS, and voice control make it a standout product. Its privacy and security measures, including its pre-programmed path and user-controlled movement, provide peace of mind for users concerned about IoT devices’ potential risks.

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