Can We Use a Smart Lock Without a Deadbolt?

Can We Use a Smart Lock Without a Deadbolt?

A smart lock is an electronic digital lock that is connected to your device through wireless connections. A smart lock is used to conveniently secure your home without needing the convenient keys and locks. However, installing a smart lock can be somewhat expensive, as it is more expensive than a regular lock and keys.

To install smart locks, you would need to purchase the smart lock system and install it. Some smart home systems would also include smart locks, so if you purchase a smart home system such as Alexa, you can also purchase the smart lock included with it. The question is Can we use a smart lock without a deadbolt to secure it? Here we are going to explain it further.

How Do Install A Smart Lock And Why Do We Need A Deadbolt?

Deadbolt is bolts that are used to secure the lock in the door. Deadbolt is named such a way because once it is installed it would be very hard to loosen the deadbolt on the door. Most of the smart lock system requires you to install it with a deadbolt, so it will securely attach to your door, and can’t be pried open by burglars. However, some smart locks, developed by manufacturers don’t use a deadbolt.

Traditionally, a door without a deadlock is very fragile and can be opened by force, even without using keys. Traditional keys and lock has always been using strong deadbolt that can’t be pried open, and are very hard to remove because of this. To secure the door that has lost its deadbolt, you can change the locks, barricade the door, try to use door wedges, or buy a portable lock.

In 2019, Yale Has Created Smart Door Locks That Don’t Have Deadbolts

In 2019, Yale released the design, and creates a smart door system that doesn’t have deadbolts in its door, however but still an operable, secure, connected lock, and still can be used with a keypad and smart lock system. Yale released several models for the door without deadbolts such as the side door for the garage, the door between rooms, and the secure smart door lock.

These door locks however aren’t cheap, as the basic version would cost you around $149, while the smart lock version would reach around $200 to $300. Depending on connectivity, and how you would like to use it to lock, either by touchscreen door keypad or physical keypad for a smart lock. The price, however, justifies its ability to control, and lock the door remotely, ensuring security, and safety.

Back to the question, Can we use a smart lock without needing a deadbolt? The answer is no, most smart locks would still need a deadbolt to secure them. However, by 2019, Yale, and August smart lock has been releasing smart lock system that doesn’t require a deadbolt, so this feature of smart lock without a deadbolt would come soon.

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