Can You Use The August Smart Lock With No Wi-Fi Connections?

Can You Use The August Smart Lock With No Wi-Fi Connections?

For those who use smart home systems, it is well known that one of the most prominent features of a smart home is a smart lock. A smart lock is essentially an electronic lock that can be operated digitally through a device such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop PC. A smart lock is a very convenient feature that enables its user to lock and unlock the door remotely, making it more convenient, and secure.

There are many brands of electronic smart locks, such as Bardi locks, August smart locks, Kwikset Halo smart locks, Xiaomi Mijia, and many more. One thing that might be questioned about the smart lock is that can you use the August smart lock with no Wi-Fi? And can the smart lock be unlocked in case of an emergency such as a power outage, or Wi-Fi breakdown?

Here, we are going to answer the questions can you use the August smart lock with no Wi-Fi? And can smart locks still be operable in case of an emergency power outage? If you are planning to get an August smart lock, and want to know about its system work, make sure to read our article here carefully.

Can Smart Locks Be Operable In A Power Outage Or Without Wi-Fi?

Same as other smart locks brands, August smart locks are digitally operated electronic locks that are operated via connected devices such as Android phones, tablets, or desktop computers, and can be operated remotely even though you are miles from home. As long as the device is connected, and the smart locks have power, it can still be operated.

You can connect an August smart lock even without a Wi-Fi connection, as there is also another way to connect your device to an August smart lock such as Bluetooth connectivity, or Z-wave. Z-wave and Bluetooth can be used to lock or unlock the door in case of emergency when the Wi-Fi is down. However, if you want to remotely control the lock, you will need to have constant Wi-Fi connections for the smart lock.

How To Unlock The August Smart Lock In Case Of An Emergency Power Outage?

In case of an emergency power outage and you want to lock or unlock your door, the August smart lock is still operable. August smart lock can be operated without the need for electricity and constant Wi-Fi connections. August smart lock operated using the battery, so it won’t need to be connected to electricity. However, in the case of a battery down, or an electrical outage, there is a way to unlock the smart lock via emergency unlock.

By using an emergency cylinder lock system, the user can easily insert the key from another side, replacing the cylinder key that has been inserted on the side of smart locks. Smart locks are also powered by a battery, so whenever there is a power outage, the emergency battery system will take place, and you can still operate the smart locks.

So, the answer on can you use August smart lock with no Wi-Fi? If yes, you can operate the August smart lock even without Wi-Fi. You can connect your device via other ways such as Bluetooth, and Z-wave. However, for more convenient features such as remote control lock, you will need constant Wi-Fi connections.

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