Do You Really Need a Smart Hub?

Do You Really Need a Smart Hub?

A smart home requires a device that can be connected to all other devices which will make all activities at home easier. One of them is the use of a smart hub that will make it easier for you to maximize the smart tv features in your home.

Smart hub Samsung Smart TV is one of the most advanced devices in a smart home. A smart hub is a smart menu that can maximize all TV access.

With the smart hub menu, you can access all TV features and allow you to use other applications such as games or surf the internet.

A smart hub can be said as a bridge for all other smart devices. Even smart hubs can connect other devices such as smart lighting, smartphones, and others only with Bluetooth.

So that your Samsung TV can experience all the features of the smart hub, it must be connected to the internet.

How Do I Set Up Smart Hub On My Samsung TV?

To access or manage the smart hub menu on your Samsung TV, here are the steps you can take:

  • Open Menu on the TV remote or press the Home button.
  • Then select the Settings menu that appears on your TV screen. Then click “General” and you will find several other menus.
  • You can select “System Manager” and then select Samsung Account.
  • If you already have a Samsung account, then you can directly log in. But if you don’t have one, then you can create a Samsung account first.
  • After logging in, you can download various applications in the smart hub menu.
  • To download the application, you can press the Smart Hub or Home button on the TV remote.
  • Then select “APPS” and search for the application you want to download. After that, you can install the application that has been downloaded.

How Do I Use Smart Hub?

The smart hub can be used with the internet. This allows you to take advantage of all the entertainment features through your Samsung TV. Here are the steps to connect to the internet:

  • You can connect to the internet by cable or wireless. In the Menu you can select Network, then Network Settings.
  • Connect to your home wifi.
  • To set up a smart hub, you can follow your instructions. If it is installed then you can click SMART HUB and open the screen.
  • Available screens display panel icons such as Samsung Apps, Games, Multimedia, TV, Movies, and TV Shows.

Samsung Apps allows you to enjoy free and paid sports, news, and game apps. The Game icon lets you play games that have been downloaded to I smart hub.

In addition, you can also play files, videos, and music using the Multimedia icon.

Why Can’t I Access Smart Hub On My Samsung TV?

If you can’t use the smart hub, it’s probably due to internet problems in your home. But if the smart hub still doesn’t work, then you can reset the smart hub and do a device update as before.

How do I Find Samsung Smart Hub?

How do I Find Samsung Smart Hub?

A smart hub is one of the smart menus that you can use on your Samsung Smart TV. The smart hub will provide much access so you can enjoy TV functions.

A smart home needs a smart hub to be at the heart because a smart hub acts as a bridge between all the applications or sophisticated devices you need.

Only through Samsung TV, you can use all applications like using a smartphone. However, the main function of the smart hub menu is not only that, it is very broad.

You can use the smart hub as a free and paid entertainment center. In addition, you can connect other smart devices such as smart lighting, smart locks, and other supporting applications with a smart hub.

Smart hubs provide very wide access so you can maximize the features on your Samsung TV. Moreover, you can enjoy all the entertainment and make your work easier.

How Do I Get The Smart Hub Back On My Samsung TV?

Many of you are still confused about finding the smart hub menu and downloading applications. Here are the steps so you can use the smart hub on Samsung TV:

  • Click the Menu or Home button on the TV remote. Then you can enter the Settings menu.
  • Here you will be presented with several settings related to Samsung TV, but you can simply select the “GENERAL” menu.
  • After that you can select the System Manager menu and then click Samsung Account.
  • If you already have a Samsung account, then type your email and password. But if you don’t have one, then you can create a Samsung account first.
  • If you have successfully logged in, then you can use the smart hub menu to download various applications.
  • To start downloading the application, you can enter the Smart Hub menu and look for the APPS menu.
  • After that, you can select an existing application in the “Editor’s Choice” menu or you can type the application you want to search for in the search menu.
  • If you have found the application, then you can download and install the application.

What Is The Smart Hub On My Samsung TV?

Talking about the main function of the smart hub on Samsung TV, namely as a smart menu that makes it easier for you to use various applications and enjoy the features on your Samsung TV.

You can use the smart hub to surf the internet, do video conferences, play games, listen to music, and more. All TV functions will be maximized with the smart hub.

To use a smart hub, make sure you have a stable internet connection, especially when streaming online videos.

Where Is The Smart Hub App?

To find applications on the smart hub, you can find them in the APPS menu on the SMART HUB tab. Here you can download the recommended application or type the application you want to download.

All the applications that you normally use on smartphones can also be used on Samsung TVs via a smart hub.

How do I Download Apps to My Smart Hub?

How do I Download Apps to My Smart Hub?

Samsung TV is the most popular smart TV model among many other smart TV brands. Because Samsung offers more than 200 applications on smart TVs that you can use.

Applications that you can use range from video, music, education, lifestyle, sports, music, and games you can open through the smart hub. The smart hub menu is a smart menu that displays all the applications that maximize the features of your Samsung TV.

With a smart hub, you can use the TV more than its primary function. Here you can turn your smart TV into an entertainment center because you can play games, surf the internet, do video conferences and listen to music.

So that you can do many things using Samsung TV, then you need to download the application on the smart hub.

How To Search Apps On Samsung Smart TV

Every Samsung Smart TV has a device update that allows you to go a different way when searching for apps on the smart hub. But how to download and install the application remains the same.

You will use the smart hub to search for apps that you can use on your Samsung TV. Smart hubs allow modern televisions to interact both ways.

With the help of the internet, you can use your smart TV to do many things. Moreover, Samsung TV is equipped with an independent operating system that is easy to use.

This allows you to watch videos, music, and entertainment and provides data and other components that can meet your needs. So that you can enjoy the application on the smart hub, here’s how to download and install it:

  • Turn on your smart TV, then open the Home menu via your TV remote.
  • After that you can enter the Settings menu via the Menu icon on the screen.
  • Then you will be in the Applications menu. If you want to download the application, then you can press the “middle” button and you will go to the App Store.
  • In the App Store, you can choose and download your favorite applications. There are several categories such as My Apps, What’s New, Most Popular, Video, Games, Sports, Lifestyle, and Information.
  • You can search for applications in the recommended categories. Navigate the panel using your TV remote to scroll through the app you want to download.
  • If you want to find applications more easily, then you can click the search icon in the upper right corner. Then type the application you want to download.
  • If you have found the application, you can click the “middle” button on your TV remote to start the download. If the download process is complete, then with the same button you can install the application.

How To Open Apps On Smart Hub

To open applications that have been downloaded, you can enter the smart hub menu and search for the application you want to open. On the Home screen, you can enter the “APPS” menu and enjoy all the downloaded applications. You can play games, watch video, and more with the smart hub.

What is the Smart Hub?

What is the Smart Hub?

Talking about smart homes certainly not far from Smart Hub. Because the smart hub is one of the devices that must be in the smart home it will be the control center of all smart devices in your home.

A smart hub is an intelligent menu system that can automatically connect various devices on the network and can control communication between all connected devices.

A smart hub is a smart menu on Samsung Smart TVs. Samsung itself already has a smart tv that can configure all other smart devices at home.

The smart hub menu allows you to download games, and applications and even surf the internet. Smart hubs can connect to other smart devices such as smart lighting, doorbells, smart locks, and more.

It can be concluded that the smart hub becomes a bridge in the smart home because it can connect various devices in the smart home. The smart hub is supported by a voice command application linked by Bluetooth.

Smart hubs can be said to be the heart of a smart home network because they can simplify the use of all devices with just one command.

Where Is The Smart Hub On My TV?

To find the smart hub menu on your TV, this is the step you have to do:

  • On the TV remote click the “Menu/123” button
  • Then you will find “Menu” in the upper left corner. Then select the “Smart Hub” menu.
  • Then select “Samsung Account” and do Sign In. You can enter your email and password.
  • If you do not have a Samsung Account, then you can create one first in the menu.

To enter the Smart Hub menu, you only need to log in using your email. After that, you can make settings related to any device that can be operated through the smart hub.

The smart hub menu on your TV can be customized and select the applications you use most for your smart home.

What Is The Smart Hub On My Samsung TV?

Samsung Smart TV is one of the smart home devices that must be in your home. Because the smart hub was first introduced by Samsung in 2011.

The smart hub on Samsung Tv is a smart menu system that you can use while turning on the TV. The smart hub system on your TV provides access to all the functions of your TV.

In addition, you can also download applications, surf the internet and play games. With this advanced device, you can expand the capabilities of the TV to be easier to use.

Smart hub functions as a smart menu that will simplify your various affairs. For example, if you want to use a video conferencing application, then you can use the smart hub menu and download the required application.

You can add a smart camera or web camera that can connect to a Samsung smart TV via Bluetooth. The way a smart hub works is that it uses Bluetooth for all applications and Wi-Fi for browsing the internet.

Is Samsung Smartthings Hub v4 on The Market Yet?

Samsung at the moment already released Smartthings Hub 3rd generation (v3). People keep asking when the Smartthings v4 will be available globally. According to The Verge from CES 2022 (The biggest show for devices trends and concepts), Samsung will release it first in Korea in March and later release it globally.

According to Samsung, the Home Hub will “be able to connect to every product within the SmartThings ecosystem”.

While we waiting for the smart hub v4 from Samsung to release this year, why don’t we watch the report from CES 2022 in Las Vegas by Smart Home Solver. We will see some of the best concepts TV, cars, hub, and many weird things.



How To Connect MyQ To Google Home Video?

You may be wondering if you can link MyQ garage opener to Google Home so that you can ask Google to open and close your garage door. The video from AllTechGadgets below will show you how you can accomplish this task.

The video will start setup MyQ and pair between MyQ hub and door sensor, if you already done this you can directly go to 9:50 to start linking MyQ to Google Home.

Below is the full transcript of the video:

in this video I’m going to show you guys

how to set up and install the mic you

smart garage hub from Chamberlain to get

notification and control your garage

door from anywhere you can open your

garage door to let the UPS guys the

FedEx guy and the Amazon package to be

delivered into your garage instead of

leave it outside to where people can

steal your packages you will get no

vacation if you forget to close your

garage door you can open the garage door

to let your family in if they need

something from your garage it’s very

convenient so I’m gonna do a quick

unboxing and then I’m gonna show you

guys how to set up and install the mic

you smart garage hub so let’s get

started inside of my cue smart garage

hub box you get the Wi-Fi hub Quick

Start Guide warning label

and one door sensor the power adapter

mounting bracket and double-sided tab

sticky pad mounting screws the mic you

smart garage hub are compatible with

garage door opener that are built after

1993 to check the compatibility of your

garage door opener just go to Champlin

com4 slash my q compatibility before we

set up and install the my q garage door

hub go to the Google Play Store the app

store on your mobile devices

to install it the myq app and set up the


after you finished setting up their

account go to the my queue app click on

it and then click on add device then

scroll down and click on my kid smart

garage hub and this is what you need to

do before we set up the mic hero Smart

Hub you need to check the compatibility

on the website go to the garage door

opener in your garage and bring your

phone down make sure you get a good

Wi-Fi signal at least like 2 bar connect

it to your Wi-Fi you need a ladder and

drill with a 5/32 drill bit take your

mobile device with you into your garage

and walk close to the brush to opener

and look at your Wi-Fi signal on your

mobile device see how many bar you have

and it looks like my wife’s eyes signal

is very strong so I’m good to go

before I mount the door sensor and the

Wi-Fi hub I’m going to plug it all in to

make sure everything is connecting

remove the battery tap on the door

sensor just pull it all the way out plug

in the Wi-Fi hub


click on the mic you app click on add

device select my queue smart garage hub

next I already plug the Wi-Fi hub in I’m

gonna click Next

do you see blinking blue light mister

blinking blue light yes now scan the 10

digit serial number located on the back

of the device or you can enter the

serial number manually after you enter

or scan the barcode is going to answer

you join my Wi-Fi network join alright

now select your Wi-Fi network after you

select your Wi-Fi put in the password

for tick connect that to Wi-Fi you have

successfully connect you device to your

Wi-Fi network now let’s connect your

device to the garage door opener click

Next I already put a battery tap out

next test with all sensor push the

release button on the front where the

arrow indicate I see the red LED light

click next next step will pair your door

sensor to your smart garage hub tap next

to begin tap next

press and release the button again don’t

censor now pair to your smart garage hub

click Next now the door sensor and the

Wi-Fi hub are connected will amount the

door sensor and the Wi-Fi hub greggie

Wi-Fi mount and drill it use it to a bit

to mark where you want to drill the hole

so you can insert the plastic anchor to

mount the mount so this is where I’m

going to put it I’m going to use a drill

bit to mark the hole when we’re drill

grab your drill insert a tree bit and

drill out the two hole grab your two

plastic anchor in sit into the hole like

that get a foot a bit putting you to

your drill screws map

you slide a Wi-Fi hub onto the mount

there’s a slot reader just fly right on

pure off the two sticky pad put the

sticky pad onto the back of your door

sensor and mounted your door sensor into

your garage door make sure you put on

the top panel the door sensor is mounted

click Next now make sure you put on the

top panel so we did all that let’s skip

everything here my collage will open and

1/2 the purple color learning bunt

select purple press and release the

learn bunt watch your opening diamonds


no next

now you’re going to name the garage door

opener if you want to if not then you

don’t have to so I’m gonna name it

garage door done so I plugged in I’m not

an Amazon Prime member so maybe later

okay garage doors closed for one minute

now everything’s set to open your garage

door just press on the icon press on the

icon again to close the garage door and

there’s a warning beep sound saying the

garage doors closing up so no one be in

this way

stick the warning label next to your

garage door opener Bund to link the my

case my garage hub to the Google Sisson

so you could voice control your garage

door to open a close first you’re gonna

have to go to your web browser and type

in my Q services

now go to my queue

log into your my Keo account once you

log into my keeo account go down and

click on app subscription and select the

service you want to add to link click on

connect my queue to Google home

I am already subscribed to my queue

service right now they have a limited

time offer for a free subscription if

you subscribe at this time but if at the

time that you try to link your mic you

garage-door hub to the Google assistant

you might have to pay for the plan for

the subscription you click on plan and

as either you pay $1 a month or $10 for

the whole year once you select your plan

you go back to the my queue app after

you’re done signing up for the my queue

silver’s subscription go to the my Q app

click on the app on the top left corner

click on settings scroll down and select

work with my Q and then click on Google

sistent if you don’t already have the

app click on get app to install the app

and open up the app to link the mic you

smart garage hub to Google system that’s

simple hey Google asked my cue

to close the garage door

getting my cue I’ll work on that

EBI have any comments any questions on

how to set up or install the mic you

smart garage hub dropping in comment

section down below I will get back to

you as soon as I can thank you for

watching I’ll see you guys in the next


I hope after you watched the video above you can use your Google Home to open your garage via MyQ garage opener.

Espressif Home Automation

Espressif Systems is a team of engineers from several countries like China, India, Brazil, the Czech Republic and Singapore. They focused on developing the latest wireless communication using low power, and IoT solutions.

They have produced the popular ESP8266, ESP32, ESP32-S, ESP32-C and ESP32-H families of chips, modules and development boards. By using wireless computing, they create green, adaptable and cost-effective chipsets. They are devoted to creating solutions that are secure, sturdy and power-efficient. At the same time, through open-sourcing our technology and solutions, they intend to allow developers to leverage Espressif’s solutions internationally and construct their own smart-connected products.

Espressif has developed a protocol to make home automation easier. Their products are smart lighting, smart button, smart plug, and smart apps.

Artificial Intelligence has fueled the creation of goods that demand safe and speedy wireless communication. Espressif Systems, a world-renowned AIoT platform, offers a wide range of safe AIoT solutions to millions of customers. In addition, they develop high-performance chipsets and modules that are more intelligent, adaptive, and versatile by using advanced technological nodes, low-power computing, wireless communication, and mesh technology.

They work directly with clients to build software solutions that maximize performance and save development time in order to provide wireless connection for their products. Electronic components from Espressif are used in a broad range of goods, including household appliances, lightbulbs, smart speakers and payment terminals.

The Espressif IoT Development Framework ESP-IDF, the Audio Development Framework (ADF), the Mesh Development Framework (MDF), the Device Connectivity Platform (ESP RainMaker), the Facial Recognition Development Framework (ESP-WHO), and the Smart Voice Assistant Framework (ESP-Skainet) have all been developed as open-source software, and together they form an AIoT application framework that is both comprehensive and innovative in nature. Many open-source initiatives in the maker community are also supported by Espressif. They think that the Internet of Things (IoT) civilization of the future will be built on the democratization of technology. Espressif Home Automation with other smart home technology will build robust interconnected smart devices.


Honeywell Thermostat T9 Installation Video

Today’s video is to help you improve your home by installing a smart thermostat.
Justin from Remodelaholics, will show you how to install a Honeywell Smart Thermostat T9 and show you how to connect it to an iPhone. Let’s check it out.


What Is Inside Vivint Starter Kit?

Vivint offers a fully customizable starter package that starts from $10/mo for equipment

Equipment $10.00/mo or $599.99 if you pay in full
1. Vivint Smart Hub
2. Vivint Yard Sign
3. Vivint Window Decals

Not included, need an additional $5 cost per camera

Security sensors:
Vivint Door & Window Sensor
Vivint Motion Sensor

Safety and environment Sensors:
Vivint Water Sensor

Not Included

Not Included

Service: $41.47/Mo

  • Installation
  • Monitoring 24×7
  • App control
  • Hardware warranty
  • 90 seconds smart clip
  • Alerts and notification

The total cost per month is $51.47 before tax

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