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The Cool Desk Lamps for Optimal Lighting in Your Workspace

Besides being used as one of your workspace decorations, cool desk lamps will also be very useful if you choose a lamp with the right lighting according to your needs. Having a good work light will certainly support your productivity at work. This is done so your eyes can work optimally and your eyes don’t get tired easily.

In addition to selecting lamps that suit your needs, also choose energy-efficient lamps. And to add to the comfort and beauty of your workspace, choose a lamp with a unique and aesthetic design.

Tips for Choosing a Table Lamp

Before deciding to buy cool desk lamps, make sure you know some of the criteria for choosing a desk lamp as below:

Lighting Quality

Choose a table lamp with high-quality lighting. For lamps on the work table, you should use LED lamps, because they have bright, clear light, and are also energy efficient. Currently, two characteristics LED lights have, including the Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index (CRI).

The color temperature of an LED lamp is a standard for the appearance of light, commonly known as cold light and warm light. LED lights with a color temperature of 2700k and 4500k generally produce clear light and are friendly to the eyes.

As for CRI, the higher the CRI value, the better the resulting color accuracy. And conversely, the lower the CRI value of a lamp, the lower the color accuracy that will be produced.

Light Settings

Choose cool desk lamps that are easy to customize. Choose a lamp whose lighting level can be adjusted according to your needs. And you can also choose a table lamp whose height and low can be adjusted to your needs.

Adjust the size of the table

Choose the size of the lamp that fits your work desk. Because that way you can have enough space to move while working.

If your work table is large enough, such as an architect’s table used for drawing, you can choose a table lamp that is large enough so that the resulting light coverage is quite wide.

Furthermore, you can choose a clip-on work lamp that has a small base if your work table is small. That way your work light won’t take up much space, and you can still use your desk freely.

Adjust the Lamp Placement

Adjust the placement of the lamp on your desk. The reason for the good placement of lights is that no shadows are produced that block vision while working.

If you use your left hand while working, you should place the light source on the right side of the table or vice versa so that no shadows are covering it. When used in conjunction with a computer screen, make sure the light illuminates the desk and keyboard without causing glare on the screen.

Consider Switch Position

To make it easier for you to turn on and turn off the light, choose a table lamp switch that is easy for you to reach. There are several switch options such as hanging switches or touch screens.

Cool Desk Lamps Recommendations

The above are some tips that you can do when choosing a table lamp that is suitable for your workspace. As you know, there are currently many types of lamps that you can use.

Because there are so many types of table lamps available, it may be difficult when you are choosing a table lamp that best suits your needs. To make things easier, here are some recommendations for cool desk lamps that you can consider:

1. Lepower Metal Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamps

If you are looking for an affordable table lamp you can buy Lepower. But unfortunately this table lamp is not equipped with LEDs, so you have to provide your own bulb. The types of bulbs that can be used on Lepower are LEDs between 4W and 6W, energy-saving light bulbs between 8W and 16W, and incandescent bulbs between 20W and 40W.

The appearance of this table lamp is matte with a blend of traditional and modern which is perfect for combining with any workspace theme. Besides that, the neck of this table lamp is also flexible so that it can be adjusted according to your needs.

2. OttLite Dual Shade LED Desk Lamp

ottlite desk lamp

Check OttLite Dual Shade LED Desk Lamp

This product has 2 light angles so that it will make it easier for you who often need a wide range of light on your desk. This desk lamp from OttLite is also equipped with touchscreen adjustment buttons and temperature settings.

This LED desk lamp also has a modern and lightweight model. So, apart from being used as a tool for your work, this lamp can also be used as a decoration in your workspace.

3. Ikea Force

ikea forsa desk lamp

Check OttLite Dual Shade LED Desk Lamp

The Ikea Forsa table lamp is one of the most popular table lamps because it has a wide variety of color choices and is priced at an affordable price. Ikea Forsa lamps are made from quality sleek stealth materials and are equipped with easy-adjustable lamp arms.

With an adjustable lamp arm, it will make it easier for you to direct the lighting from the lamp to where you want it.

4. BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

benq e-reading desk lamp

Check BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

The BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp is the best desk lamp out there. Because you can set everything on the BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp according to your needs.

First, you can set the color temperature of the lamp, you can choose how warm or how cold the light is produced. That way you can adjust the light produced according to its use.

Second, this lamp has smart technology so that it can adjust the level of light it produces itself. This light level will be adjusted to the atmosphere of the room at that time.

This lamp also has a wide LED shape, so it can illuminate your desk as a whole. The arms and LEDs on this lamp are also adjustable, making it easy to adjust and adjust to your needs.


This is information on how to choose lamps and recommendations for cool desk lamps that we can provide for you. Choose a quality table lamp and have an affordable price for you. Finally, happy choosing a table lamp!

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