Do Smart Locks Work Without Wi-Fi

Do Smart Locks Work Without Wi-Fi?

Smart locks are one of piece technology designed to keep your home safer, and more secure, while also adding more convenience to your life to get the ease of access at your doorstep. With smart locks, you can unlock your door without even needing to have the physical key in your pockets, so you shouldn’t worry about losing your keys, having your keys stolen, or forgetting to bring your key. 

One thing that pops in mind when talking about the smart lock is, do smart locks work without Wi-Fi? Or does it needs a constant connection to a wireless terminal? It is one of the most common questions regarding smart locks. If you want to know more about smart locks, and the technology behind them, here are the articles for you. 

What Happens To The Smart Lock If Wi-Fi Goes Out?

Smart locks are more convenient than regular locks because it brings much more ease of access, do not need to duplicate keys, and distribute them to your family members, easy and hand-free operation, remote control access, and so much more benefits smart locks. However, most models of smart locks need to have a way to connect with a tablet, laptop, or PC to be able to properly work. 

So, what will happen to the smart lock if the Wi-Fi goes out suddenly? And do smart locks work without Wi-Fi? We will answer this question shortly. 

Even though smart locks would need constant connection to a tablet, PC, or laptop, smart locks don’t need Wi-Fi connections to be able to work. There are also several other wireless methods you can use to connect your smart locks with your device. Excluding Wi-Fi, there are other ways to connect your smart locks, for example, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-wave. 

How about when the power goes out? Do the smart locks stop working and we will be locked out? Well, if the power goes out, just because your house lost power, that doesn’t mean that smart locks would stop working completely. Smart locks are powered by a battery, so even though there are blackouts, the smart locking mechanism would still work even though your home has no power. 

However, many remote features of smart locks such as remote control unlock that rely on the internet, Wi-Fi, or connected device will not work when the power goes out. Even though smart locks don’t require a Wi-Fi connection to be able to work, the best way to connect your smart lock is through Wi-Fi, most smart locks provider also provide their Wi-Fi network anyway. 

Wi-Fi enables us to control smart locks through a Wi-Fi network and control our smart locks remotely through an internet connection. You will be able to control your smart lock even though you are not home or even miles from home.  So, the answers on Do smart locks work without Wi-Fi? Yes, some smart locks can be connected through other signal means, such as Bluetooth. However, Wi-Fi-connected smart locks are the most convenient and easy to use compared with other methods of connectivity. So it is recommended to have Wi-Fi already installed in your home before installing smart locks. 

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