Does Kwikset Halo Work without Wi-Fi?

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Kwikset Halo is one of the popular brands for smart locks, designed to keep your home safe, and secure, with the more personalized touch of locks, and convenient home locks. There are numerous features for Kwikset Halo smart locks that can be enjoyed by smart homeowners, such as remote control access, ease of digital keys, as well as customized access.

If you are planning to get Kwikset Halo as your smart home locks, there are many factors that you need to consider, such as cost of installation, maintenance, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with your smart home system. Luckily, Kwikset Halo smart locks are compatible with most smart home systems, including Alexa, Amazon smart home, and many more.

One questions regarding Kwikset Halo sometimes surface, Does Kwikset Halo work without Wi-Fi? And how does it work offline? Can it be set to work offline, and what are other connectivity options for Kwikset Halo? Here, we are going to discuss all of it.

Can Kwikset Halo Work Offline Without Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Kwikset Halo has two modes that can be set and used by its user, online mode, and offline mode. The Kwikset Halo lock online mode can be installed with your smart home system, and it would need constant Wireless connection, either by using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or another source of connectivity to connect with devices such as tablets, Laptop, or PC.

You can set your Kwikset Halo to be on offline mode with the permission of your landlord, so you can install it in your rented apartment. If you decide to install offline mode Kwikset Halo, you will need to keep your mechanical and conventional door lock, and if you move out from the apartment, reinstall it per the landlord’s request.

If There Is A Power Or Internet Blackout, Can Kwikset Halo Still Work?

Most manufacturers for Kwikset Halo, as well as other smart home locks, have always considered the possibility of a power outage, or Wi-Fi blackout that might happen on the customer’s smart locks. An electronics lock is designed to have its lock cylinder equipped with an emergency function that can be used to open locks when there is no power or no Wireless connectivity.

With these emergency cylinder locks, the user can easily insert the key from another side, replacing the cylinder key that has been inserted on the side of smart locks. Smart locks are also powered by a battery, so whenever there is a power outage, the emergency battery system will take place, and you can still operate the smart locks.

There is also an option to unlock the door via Bluetooth. This way, you can unlock the door offline, without needing for constant internet connection. Make sure to know how to register your device and the way to connect your device through Bluetooth. Another way to connect your device with Kwikset Halo is through Z-wave.

So, Does Kwikset Halo work without Wi-Fi? Yes, in a state of emergency such as a power outage, or Wi-Fi breaking down, you can operate Kwikset Halo via Bluetooth, as well as an emergency cylinder key lock system.

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