Does Schlage Encode Work Even Without Wi-Fi?

Does Schlage Encode Work Even Without Wi-Fi?

Schlage Encode is one of the brands for smart locks. For those who don’t know, smart locks are electronic locks that can be operated wirelessly via remote devices such as smartphones, tablets, pc, or laptops. It can be used to lock or unlock doors remotely even though the users are miles away from home. It is convenient technology to increase security, safety, as well as convenience.

When buying a smart lock such as Schlage Encode, one thing that pops in mind is that does it works even without Wi-Fi? And how does it work if there is a power outage in your home? Today’s article will show you the answer to whether the smart lock Schlage Encode could be used even without Wi-Fi or not. First, we need to know all about the smart lock system.

What Are The Smart Lock Systems?

A smart lock system such as Schlage Encode is an electronic lock system that operated through digital applications. Smart lock systems usually come along with smart home utility, enabling you to digitally implement your appliance, improving your home security and convenience. A smart lock is designed to bring the most convenience for your home, and security.

Using a smart lock system can increase your home security, as it is very secure compared with traditional locks and keys. It is also way more convenient than a regular lock because now you don’t need to duplicate keys and distribute them to your family members. If you use the smart lock, you also don’t need to keep the key in your pocket, and not going to worry about losing your key, or can’t find your key in your pocket.

Most of the smart locks are operated through smartphone devices, through apps to control them remotely. This way, the smart lock would need connectivity with the device to control it, either to lock or unlock the door. You might wonder, if the smart lock is operated through the connecting device, how does it operate, and what if there is a power outage or internet breakdown? Does Schlage Encode work without Wi-Fi?

Does Smart Home Lock Work With No Wi-Fi Connections?

Most of the smart locks, including Schlage Encode, could work even without Wi-Fi connections. You can connect a smart lock to your device through Bluetooth, Z-wave, and Zigbee connections. This way, you can control your smart lock through your device, locking, or unlocking it, but you will also need to be near it, and can’t be controlled remotely.

If you want to control it remotely, then you would need constant Wi-Fi connections with your smart lock device. Luckily, most smart home and smart lock providers already provide Wi-Fi service, and sometimes it is necessary before installing a smart lock. Does Schlage Encode work without Wi-Fi? Yes, it does, but you can’t use it remotely.

If the power outage happens, you might be wondering, how you will unlock the smart home without electricity? The answer is, yes you can lock or unlock the smart lock without electricity. You can unlock it through the emergency cylinder lock system.

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