ez-bed air mattress

IVATION EZ-Bed Air Mattress for Guest, Travel, Vacation, and Camping

Introduction to EZ-Bed Air Mattress

This easy to setup air bed is perfect when you need an additional bed for guests, or for outdoor activities such as camping, traveling, or on vacation. It can inflate or deflates in 4 minutes only. It will stop inflating at your desired level. When deflates it can be folded into a bag with wheels to make it easy for travel or just to in storage. Weight Capacity is 450Lbs.

Dual laminated PVC material protects you from a saggy or punctured mattress

Unfolded size: 24″ x 61″ x 14″

Folded size: 11″ x 13″ x 6″

Deflate defender™ technology maintains your ideal comfort level all night long with the new Deflate Defender™ technology silent secondary pump system and dual laminated PVC to protect you from a saggy or punctured mattress.


– EZ bed automatically inflates and deflates in less than 4 minutes

– Deflate defender technology protects against a sagging or punctured mattress

– Suitable for both children and adults

– Includes soft plush cover and mattress top

– Self-deploying design allows user to easily unzip the case, plug in, and walk away for hassle-free setup

– Built-in pump provides airbed inflation and deflation in less than 4 minutes

– Includes a dual laminated PVC mattress top and a mattress protector

– Can be used with standard twin sheets

– Compatible with EZ-bed Unfold and Fold Airbed

– EZ bed comes with a convenient carrying bag

– Included accessories include a soft plush cover, a mattress protector, a tube of adhesive, and a zipper pouch

– Ideal for both adults and children

– Easy to use and set up


– Does not provide vibration function

– Not suitable for use with waterbeds

Roundup Review

The IVATION EZ-Bed Queen Air Mattress with Deflate Defender™ Technology Dual Auto Comfort Pump and Dual Layer Laminate Material is a new and innovative product by the company named IVATION. This is the best mattress for camping, vacation, or for a guest staying at someone else’s place.

This is an airbed mattress that you can take with you when you travel. This mattress is easy to set up and you don’t have to worry about the weather. It’s very simple to set up. The IVATION EZ-Bed is also easy to fold, store, and roll up for convenience.

You can just throw it in a duffel bag and you’re ready to go. The IVATION EZ-Bed includes a built-in pump that automatically inflates and deflates the mattress in less than 4 minutes.

The IVATION EZ-Bed also has a dual laminated mattress top that protects the mattress from sagging or puncturing. This mattress features a self-deploying frame design that allows you to simply unzip the case, plug in, and walk away for easy setup.

The IVATION EZ-Bed also features a soft plush cover and a mattress protector. The soft plush cover provides extra comfort and prevents you from getting cold. The mattress protector ensures that your bed doesn’t get dirty from the spillage of your drinks or food.

Overall, the IVATION EZ-Bed is an excellent choice for both kids and adults. It’s simple and effective.

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