Unforgettable Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has It All

gift ideas for men who have everything

Gift ideas for men who have everything. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but the haystack is made of needles and the needle you’re looking for… is actually a golden straw. Confused? Good! Let’s embark on this quirky quest together.

When it comes to the man who seems to own the entire Amazon catalogue and then some, the dilemma isn’t about how expensive or how rare the gift is. It’s about how meaningful and unexpected it can be. Ever tried gifting a cat an automatic laser toy, only to find they’re more interested in the box? Sometimes, people work in mysterious ways too.

Choosing a present for Mr. “I Already Got One” isn’t about the physical object itself; it’s about the thought, the surprise, and the “Hey, I never thought of that!” moment.

And, as we dive into this list, remember: if all else fails, there’s always the gift of a good joke or two. Speaking of which, why did the man who had everything buy a calendar? Because he wanted to have the days of the week too!

Let’s jump into the treasure trove of ideas, shall we?

Experiential Gifts

Hot air balloon rides gift

Ah, experiences! Because let’s face it, he might have that fancy espresso machine and the latest drone, but has he ever soared in a hot air balloon while sipping said espresso? Let’s dive into memories-in-the-making:

  • Travel and Adventure Experiences
    • Hot air balloon rides: It’s like being on top of the world, minus the mountain climbing. And hey, it’s the only time it’s acceptable to be full of hot air.
    • Culinary tours: For the man who might have every kitchen gadget but hasn’t tasted the world. Who knows? Maybe he’ll find out that his favorite dish is something he can’t pronounce.
    • Off-the-beaten-path travel destinations: Sure, he’s been everywhere, but has he been to that hidden waterfall in Costa Rica or the secret noodle shop in Tokyo? Time to help him check off places he didn’t even know were on his list.
  • Learning Experiences
    • Masterclass subscriptions: Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. But teach him how to make gourmet sushi? You’re in for a treat. Literally.
    • Workshops: Pottery, painting, or even breakdancing. Yes, it might result in a few broken vases or bruised egos, but it’s all in good fun and creativity!
  • Entertainment Experiences
    • Concert or theater tickets: Because he might have every album or film, but there’s nothing like live entertainment. Plus, who doesn’t want to see him attempt to catch a guitar pick in his mouth?
    • Escape room adventures: It’s a chance to lock him up! Kidding, it’s all about teamwork and fun puzzles. But if he claims to “have everything”, surely he has the key to get out, right?
    • Sports game tickets or stadium tours: For the guy who shouts at the TV during games. Now he can shout in person!

Remember, it’s not about gifting just another item to add to his collection; it’s about gifting him a story. And who knows? Maybe the next time someone asks him about the most memorable gift he’s ever received, he’ll chuckle, remember that hilarious joke you cracked, and recount one of these fantastic experiences you gifted him.

Personalized Items

Personalized Items gift

The beauty of personalized items is that, by definition, they’re one-of-a-kind. Just like a snowflake. Or that weird food combination he swears is a delicacy. Here’s how to make sure his next gift isn’t just another nameless object in the vast ocean of “stuff”:

  • Custom-made jewelry or cufflinks: Why go generic when you can stamp, etch, or mold something that screams “This is so you!”? And if he’s not into jewelry, how about cufflinks? They’re like the earrings of the shirt world. Classy and, at times, mysteriously mismatched.
  • Personalized leather goods:
    • Wallets: Every time he takes it out to pay, he’ll be reminded of you. And, perhaps, that he owes you lunch.
    • Notebook covers: Because while he might be digital, there’s nothing like penning down thoughts in a journal that has his name, or a cheeky phrase, inscribed on it.
  • Customized artwork or portraits: Get him a painting of his favorite place, a childhood memory, or perhaps a hilarious portrait where he’s depicted as a Renaissance duke with an unusually large hat. Because, why not?
  • Bespoke clothing or shoes: Shoes that fit as if they were Cinderella’s slipper or a tailored shirt where every measurement is just right can make anyone feel like royalty. And if he complains about the color, just remind him that it matches his sparkling personality.

In the world of buying for Mr. “I-Can-Order-That-Online”, personalized items are the unsung heroes. They’re intimate, special, and carry an aura of thoughtfulness. Plus, there’s the added bonus that no one else in the world will have the same thing. Unless, of course, they have the same name and a weird love for Renaissance hats too. But what are the odds of that?

Subscription Services

Subscription Services gift

In the age of instant gratification, there’s something rebelliously delightful about making him wait for his gift every month. Think of subscription services as the gift that keeps on giving, much like his unsolicited advice on how to properly grill a steak. Let’s dive into these monthly presents:

  • Monthly gourmet coffee or tea boxes: Give him the caffeine kick he craves. After all, the only thing better than one cup of premium coffee is… well, a monthly supply of them! Just be prepared for even more energized debates on which roast is best.
  • Book or magazine subscriptions tailored to their interests: Remember when he said he’s read “everything”? Challenge accepted. With a tailored book subscription, there’ll always be something new on his reading list. Now, if only there was a subscription for more reading time…
  • Wine or craft beer of the month clubs: Raise a glass to the gift that ensures his palate is perpetually pampered. But a word to the wise: after a few months, he might start thinking he’s a sommelier. Just nod and agree when he starts describing wines as “audaciously flirtatious.”
  • Streaming service subscriptions:
    • Music: For the man who claims to have “heard it all.” Introduce him to new genres or artists. Maybe he’ll find out he has a secret love for Mongolian throat singing.
    • Documentaries, movies: So he can swap out his usual “back in my day” stories with “I watched this fascinating documentary last night…”

Remember, while every other gift has a clear end point, subscription services are the plot twist in his “I have everything” narrative. It’s the recurring joy, the monthly mystery, the regular reminder of your impeccable gifting prowess. And if he starts saying he’s running out of space for all these goodies, well, there’s always a subscription for storage solutions. Or just tell him to drink the evidence (responsibly, of course)!

Tech and Gadgets

Tech and Gadgets gift

Navigating the world of tech for Mr. “I’ve-Got-the-Latest-of-Everything” can be a bit like trying to outwit a cat with a laser pointer. You think you’re one step ahead, but then they’re onto the next shiny thing. But fear not! Let’s find that gadget that even he didn’t know he needed:

  • Latest smart home devices:
    • Voice Assistants: “Hey [Assistant’s Name], what’s the best gift for a man who has everything?” The answer? More tech, of course!
    • Home Automation: Let him turn off lights with a clap, or perhaps shout commands like a tech-savvy Gandalf with “You shall not… turn on!”
  • Unique tech gadgets not commonly owned:
    • 3D printers: Because what’s cooler than turning digital designs into physical reality? Maybe a 3D-printed coffee cup in the shape of his face. Just for laughs.
    • VR sets: Allow him to escape to another world. This might be the closest he’ll get to being a superhero or perhaps… a dancing flamingo? There’s a VR experience for everything!
  • Premium headphones or speakers: Let him dive into an auditory universe. But just a heads up, gifting these means you’re also signing up to hear phrases like, “Listen to this bass drop!” at random intervals.
  • Personal drones: Perfect for the man who dreams of soaring the skies. Just remind him that while the drone can fly high, his singing career might not take off as smoothly after the neighbors hear him through the drone’s microphone.

Tech and gadgets are the modern magic wands, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. And while he might claim to have all the tech he needs, there’s always something new around the corner. After all, even Batman needs upgrades to his Bat-gear every once in a while. And if all else fails, get him a fancy gadget cleaner – because with great tech power comes great responsibility… to keep it all smudge-free!

Wellness and Relaxation

Wellness and Relaxation gift

Let’s face it: Mr. “I-Have-It-All” probably also has a bit of stress. Because maintaining the title of the man with everything is no easy task. Let’s explore gifts that say, “Hey, take a breather. Also, please enjoy this lighthearted joke along with your relaxation.”

  • High-end grooming kits or products:
    • Beard grooming: Because his beard shouldn’t feel left out from all the pampering. Plus, we’ve all wondered if he’s hiding a small bird or his “backup snacks” in there.
    • Skincare essentials: A little bit of self-care never hurt anyone. And if he says, “Real men don’t moisturize,” you can retort, “Real skin does!”
  • Subscription to a meditation or workout app: Give the gift of inner peace and a potential six-pack. Just remind him that while meditating, if he finds his inner child, to ask where he left the remote.
  • Massages or spa experiences: Because sometimes he needs a professional to knead out the kinks, especially the ones from trying to understand the latest internet memes. “What’s a doge?”
  • Luxury bedding or sleep aids:
    • Weighted blankets: It’s like a gentle, continuous hug for the entire night. And unlike real hugs, this one doesn’t come with awkward patting.
    • Premium pillows: To support his head full of “vast knowledge” and, occasionally, questionable dad jokes.

Wellness isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. And relaxation? It’s the unsung hero in the story of “man vs. the chaos of modern life.” By gifting him a touch of tranquility, you’re offering a refuge, a sanctuary, and a chuckle. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine. Unless you have hiccups. Then it’s just water. Read: Ultimate Guide to White Elephant Gifts: Unleash Creativity & Laughter!

Books and Intellectual Gifts

Books and Intellectual Gifts

For the man who claims to have “seen it all,” there’s always more to discover in the pages of a book or the pursuit of knowledge. Let’s deep dive into gifts that fuel the mind and perhaps induce a hearty chuckle or two:

  • Rare or limited edition books:
    • Signed copies by favorite authors: It’s like getting an autograph from a rock star, but with less guitar smashing and more eloquent prose.
    • Vintage prints: Because sometimes old pages smell better than new gadgets. Or was that cheese? Either way, vintage is gold!
  • Brain games and puzzles:
    • Advanced jigsaw puzzles: For those times he claims he’s “bored.” Hand him a 5,000-piece puzzle of a clear blue sky and watch that overconfidence waver.
    • Logic games: A fun way to keep the brain sharp. And to remind him that for someone with everything, finding a missing piece can still be a challenge.
  • Online courses or lecture series:
    • Historical or scientific lectures: Dive deep into the mysteries of the universe or historical events. It’s binge-watching for intellectuals. And remember, it’s not procrastinating if you’re learning!
    • Art or hobby courses: He may have every gadget, but does he know how to paint like Bob Ross or knit a quirky sweater for his pet fish? Time to find out.
  • Classic or unique board games:
    • Strategy games: Let him flex those intellectual muscles and prove he’s the mastermind he claims to be. But a word of warning: gifting strategy games might lead to him using phrases like “Ah, a cunning move!” at breakfast.

Books and intellectual gifts are like tickets to new worlds. Whether it’s the serene landscapes of Middle Earth or the mind-boggling concepts of quantum physics, there’s always something new to explore. And if he complains about already having too many books, just remind him: the brain is like a muscle, and his could use some “heavy lifting.” Or at the very least, a good laugh!

Collectibles and Hobbies

Collectibles and Hobbies gift

Because every man who thinks he has everything hasn’t truly dived deep enough into the rabbit hole of niche collectibles and hobbies. You might just introduce him to his next obsession – or at the very least, give him a chuckle as he tries to figure out where to place that rare, oversized gnome figurine:

  • Vintage collectibles:
    • Old coins or banknotes: Some people save money; others collect it. And if he ever claims to be short on change, well… there’s always that rare coin from the 1800s.
    • Classic stamps: It’s time he gets stuck into a new hobby. Plus, it’s a subtle reminder of the time when people actually sent letters instead of just emoji texts.
  • Model kits or miniature sets:
    • Model trains or planes: Because why should kids have all the fun? Just remind him that playing “choo choo” sounds at full volume might not be appreciated by everyone in the house.
    • Lego sets for adults: Yes, they exist! And they’re as complex as his coffee order. “I’ll have a double, ristretto, venti, half-soy, non-fat, decaf, organic chocolate, vanilla, double shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one sachet of Splenda, please.”
  • Music or movie memorabilia:
    • Vinyl records or classic film posters: A perfect gift for the man who still thinks disco isn’t dead. Or that silent films were the peak of cinematic brilliance.
    • Signed memorabilia: From his favorite band’s guitar pick to that script page from his all-time favorite movie scene – “Here’s looking at you, unique gift giver.”
  • Hobby starter kits:
    • Astronomy with a telescope: Because maybe, just maybe, there’s a star out there that hasn’t been claimed by another Mr. “I-Have-Everything.”
    • Brewing or winemaking kits: After all, why just drink the stuff when you can also brew it? Just brace yourself for tasting sessions and his newfound sommelier vocabulary.

Diving into the realm of collectibles and hobbies is like opening a treasure chest of endless wonders (and sometimes, endless amusement). Whether he becomes an avid collector or just dabbles for fun, one thing’s for sure: he’ll have plenty of stories – and probably a few punchlines – to share at the next gathering. And if he says he’s run out of shelf space, just hand him a miniature shelf. Problem solved! Read: Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Find the Perfect Present for Mom!

Charitable Gifts

Wildlife sponsorships gift

Alright, so Mr. “I’ve-Got-All-The-Things” probably doesn’t have this one thing: a mountain of good karma points. But we can work on that! Giving in his name is like saying, “Here’s a gift for someone who doesn’t need a gift, but others do.” Plus, what’s better than a present that sparks joy and ignites a chuckle?

  • Adopting an animal:
    • Wildlife sponsorships: So he claims he’s the king of his jungle (aka the living room). Why not let him sponsor a real lion, tiger, or bear? Oh my! And don’t worry, it doesn’t come with feeding responsibilities.
    • Local shelter sponsorships: For every time he’s referred to himself as the “Top Dog,” now he can support one too!
  • Planting trees in his name:
    • Reforestation projects: Here’s a chance for him to be a real “tree-hugger.” Just remind him that virtual tree adoptions don’t require watering. And no, his bonsai tree doesn’t count as a forest.
  • Sponsoring a child’s education:
    • Global education programs: Because every child deserves a chance to learn, grow, and perhaps someday roll their eyes at their own version of Mr. “I-Have-Everything.”
  • Donation to humanitarian causes:
    • Clean water initiatives: Water you waiting for? This is a gift that pours love into communities. And no, his fancy water filter pitcher doesn’t count as a water initiative.
    • Food banks: Because sharing is caring, and who knows, maybe he’ll be inspired to share some of those snacks he’s been hoarding.
  • Gifts that give back:
    • Purchasable goods where proceeds go to charity: So, he can flaunt that stylish new shirt and proudly declare it fed five people, built a well, and saved a turtle. Not bad for retail therapy!

Gifting charitably is like hitting two birds with one stone (only in the kindest, metaphorical sense). It warms the heart and the soul, reminding Mr. “I-Have-Everything” that the world is bigger than his impressive collection of… well, everything. And the next time he’s feeling generous? Maybe he’ll donate that infamous Hawaiian shirt everyone’s been secretly hoping would disappear. Here’s to gifts that keep on giving! 🌍❤️🎁

Handmade and DIY Gifts

Handmade and DIY Gifts

The art of DIY gifts says, “I put time, thought, and a sprinkle of my own quirkiness into this.” It’s the gift equivalent of a home-cooked meal – sometimes a tad over-seasoned, occasionally a touch undercooked, but always made with love (and a side of giggles).

  • Custom artwork or portraits:
    • Personalized paintings: If he’s the type to say, “This face belongs in a museum!” – here’s your chance to put it on canvas. Just maybe not in the Louvre.
    • Hand-drawn comics or cartoons: Illustrate a hilarious moment or inside joke. It’s worth a thousand words and probably a few hearty chuckles.
  • Knitted or crocheted items:
    • Scarves, hats, or socks: Winter’s coming, and every king of the castle needs his cozy armor. Bonus points if they’re in outrageously loud colors.
    • Quirky cozies: Does his coffee mug need a sweater? Absolutely not. Would it be hilarious and adorable? Absolutely yes.
  • Homemade candles or soaps:
    • Signature scents: Craft a candle with a scent that embodies him. “Eau de Old Books and Freshly Mown Grass” or perhaps “Midnight Snack Sneaker”?
    • Soap with funny shapes or messages: Because nothing says “I care” like a soap shaped like his favorite snack. Washing hands with a cheeseburger? Why not!
  • Handcrafted jewelry or keychains:
    • Personalized trinkets: Maybe a bracelet with coordinates of a place dear to him. Or a place he frequently gets lost. “Remember that time you couldn’t find your car in the parking lot?”
  • DIY kits:
    • Bread-making kit: If he claims he’s the best thing since sliced bread, challenge him to make the actual bread.
    • Homemade beer or wine kits: Just be ready for some unique taste-testing sessions. “Hints of… old shoes? Interesting choice.”

Remember, with Handmade and DIY Gifts, it’s not about perfection. It’s about personality, love, and the occasional playful tease. So, even if that hand-knitted sweater looks more like a potato sack or the DIY pottery mug has a wobbly handle, it’s the effort and laughter that counts. After all, for Mr. “I-Have-Everything,” it’s the thought (and giggles) that truly makes it priceless. And if he asks about return policies, just wink and say, “Handmade gifts come with a lifetime of bragging rights.” 😉🎁🖌️

Conclusion of Gift ideas for men who have everything 

And there we have it – a treasure trove of gift ideas for the man who smugly (yet endearingly) claims he has everything. Remember, it’s not about the price tag or the size of the gift. It’s the thought, the creativity, and yes, the laughter that makes the moment truly memorable.

So, whether you’re leaning towards gifting a comically large gnome or just a heartfelt DIY trinket, know this: the real gift is the time and effort you’ve taken to find something special. And if, by chance, he says he already has your chosen gift (because of course he does), just reply with a smirk, “Ah, but did it come with these top-notch jokes and impeccable charm?”

In the grand scheme of things, your gift – whether tangible or an experience – will be a memory, a story, a chuckle shared over dinner tables and family gatherings for years to come. Because, at the end of the day, Mr. “I-Have-Everything” might have a lot, but he doesn’t have another you.

So here’s to celebrations, unique gift-giving, and of course, the unforgettable reactions they elicit. Cheers to the joy of gifting and the inevitable dad jokes that’ll follow! 🥂🎁😂

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