How Can I Make My Smart TV Non-Smart (Dumb)?

How Can I Make My Smart TV Non-Smart (Dumb)?

How Can I Make My Smart TV Non-Smart (Dumb) – Most of the houses in your neighborhood might already own smart TV and start leaving a non-smart or dumb TV behind. Smart TVs have long dominated the home entertainment industry, with internet connectivity and the ability to play material from streaming services, regarded as essential features for any modern gadget.

However, as is often the case in the never-ending quest to link the globe, you get a lot more than you pay for when you load your gadgets with behind-the-scenes monitoring tech, cameras, and internet connection. You are probably already aware that smart TVs have a reputation for routinely compromising their owners’ privacy.

There are some cases where their TVs listen and watch the owners as the smart TVs have advanced technology to do that. For that reason, many users do not want to use most of the features in their smart TV and they prefer to make their smart TV into not-smart TV. There are some ways you can try to disable the features in your smart TV.

Can I Disable A Smart TV?

Many smart TV users are afraid of the ability to record and listen to the device. This feature is indeed advanced and can make it easier to give commands. However, this advanced feature might be like a boomerang for the owners. That is because their smart TVs can be a great gateway for hackers to hack them.

Because of this case, many users wonder about the question ‘Can they disable their smart TV?’. Here are some ways you can follow to prevent any personal information from stealing.

  1. Read the Privacy Policy Carefully

You can only be tracked by your smart TV if you permit it. When you first set up your smart TV, you will be asked to agree to a privacy policy. Do not just accept it without reading it, take a close look at each screen and point out anything that mentions ACR or data gathering that you do not agree with.

  1. Turn Off the Smart Settings

You will have to disable your TV’s smart settings if you do not want to switch off the WiFi. Depending on the brand and model you have, the technique will be different.

  1. Turn Off the Internet Connection

If you do have internet access, your smart TV will be able to monitor you, so go to the settings and switch off the WiFi. Perform a factory reset if your TV will not let you disconnect from the internet. Do not enter your WiFi password when prompted.

Is It Possible To Get A Dumb TV?

By doing those three ways, the answer to the question ‘Is it possible to get a dumb TV?’ is yes. Even though you only have a smart TV right now, you still can enjoy the limited features of your smart TV without worrying about hackers or spies. You might not be able to activate some of the advanced features to get the safety, but it is worth it because your privacy is more than anything.

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