How To Add Apps To Samsung Smart TV?

How To Add Apps To Samsung Smart TV?

One of the features that smart TVs have is adding apps so you can watch box office movies from HBO or play a video game and something like that. The video today will show you how you can add apps to your Samsung smart TV.

hey what’s up guys so you have a Samsung

Smart TV gonna show you how you can add

or basically download and install apps

okay so very very simple so first thing

is a remote should look something like

this here what I’m going to do is go

ahead and tap on the home button here

okay so tap on the home button tap it

again until you get this down here on

the very bottom okay and what you want

to do is you can see that little TV

thing is highlight if I move to the

right then Samsung TV plus highlight it

what you want to do is you want to move

to the left so we want to go to the left

where the three horizontal lines are

right there now we’re on apps okay go

ahead and click on the enter button on

the remotes and then from here what you

can do is you can do a search on top

right hand side so we’ll go ahead and

we’re going to move all the way up let’s

just sign in right now we’re gonna move

over right one more to the magnifying

glass so we’re going to go ahead and

search for an app so I’m gonna click on

enter on the remote and what I want to

do is I want to add sling okay to sling

app so let’s go to let me do a search

for this as well I okay so sling TV is

right there so now let me go ahead and

just slide up right here I’m gonna

highlight it I’m gonna click on the

enter button on the remote it says

install right there let’s go ahead and

install this and you will need to sign

in to your Samsung Account to do this

okay so let me go in to sign in here so

I’ll go ahead and sign in if you don’t

have a an account then you’re gonna have

this create one right here I actually

have to create one so let me go ahead

and just continue I’m gonna create one

right now so I’m able to download the

sling TV I’m gonna go down to agree here

click on enter now I just put in need to

put a at the ID needs to be email

address and then I have to make a

password for the TV itself and then my

date of birth as well okay okay I input

in my information let me go ahead and

click on enter to go to next

that’s asking me for my first and last

name here okay so after you put your I

name in now it’s a little pop-up box I

agree to receive special offers

no thank you I always uncheck those I

don’t want a bunch of spam in my mail

just slide out to go to next

and then click on enter on their remotes

okay account is created let me just

click on enter to click on done right

there and now it just automatically

downloaded sling okay now another thing

after you download it says open right

there what you want to do too is you

want to add it to the home okay so if I

move over here add it to my home right

there okay now if you go ahead and click

on the home button on the remote let’s

click it a couple times here oops

here it is right here so down here at

the very bottom now if I slide down we

should see sling right there okay so

pretty simple to do and just a quick fYI

if you wanted to go ahead and delete any

of these apps or uninstalled it just go

to the app let go to sling and then go

ahead and press on the down button on

the remotes

and then you get option right here you

can move or you can go ahead and remove

it or you can move it and moving it

basically is if I just click on move I

can basically move it over okay I can

move it like if I wanted to be like on

the near the first right here so now

every time I go ahead and click on my

home button oops I did it wrong let me

do it again so let’s go down to move

then you have to move it all the way

down all the way to the left now I got a

press I forgot to press one answer

before so I press on enter now every

time I click on the home button you see

sling right there on the first one so

pretty simple do any questions or issues

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